From the moment he laid eyes on her, Jake Fox knew… It was love. Sure there was some lust, but how can you blame him, beauty like this only comes along once in a lifetime!

He was infatuated and had to have her, he wanted to know… “how can I win her? And if that fails… can I buy her?”

Whoah, whoah, whoah there buddy! A lady like this is not for sale! Get your mind right!

With his goal firmly in mind Jake crafted a plan to unite with the object of his desire. This would take a herculean effort, but he knew it would be worth it.

He practiced, and practiced, and practiced and practiced some more. He spent every waking hour, working to earn her love and the day finally came when she could deny him no more. On a serene April morning, she arrived on his doorstep, sealed up in a little bag…

Wait a second… what kind of story is this!

As I was saying, the day finally came when Jake’s Legacy Coin arrived! He was going to wine her, dine her and who knew where it might lead. Below are some snapshots of young love (last chance to look away)

Love, err Legacy Coins will make a man do crazy things. Congrats Jake!


In 2020 Joao Valverde won the European Region Mario Andretti Drivers Championship.

“Umm, kinda old news there Mike, maybe lay off the sauce”

Any…way… along with his Kinetic teammates (Wil Lesslie and Christian Challiner) he earned the Mario trophy. Now, Christian’s trophy flew to the UK and was safely united with his twin brother. Wil’s made its way to Australia where he now enjoys life down under.

But what about Joao’s Mario? Well friends… THAT is whole nother story.

On a crisp December morning in 2020, Mario was lovingly packed up and dropped off at the post office near my home. This post office is actually inside a gas station convenience store. They have snacks… I like snacks… I got some snacks after an embarrassing teary eyed goodbye with Mario. The snacks helped with the pain, don’t judge.

Several weeks later when checking his whereabouts, it appeared that he had gone missing. As someone who has sent A LOT of packages over the years you never, ever want to see this message “your package is still on route to its final destination, but is arriving later than expected”. This is code for, “we have no f’ing idea where your package is”.

Sure enough, they didn’t.

Joao and I would chat every so often on the whereabouts of Mario and it must be said, Joao is a patient, patient man. After several more weeks the status was surprisingly updated and we now knew that Mario was in Portuguese customs. Amazing! Mario would soon be home! Or…. not.

Turns out, Portuguese customs is like a kidnapper who wants no ransom. I contacted the USPS, I contacted the Portuguese mail service. Joao contacted them too, helpful? Not so much. Apparently they liked Mario so much they didn’t want to give him up. He probably looked real nice in that customs office.

By Summer 2021, he was still stuck in customs and we had no idea how to get him out of jail. Then one day, out of the blue a package arrived on MY DOOR. I recognized this package. It was beaten to hell, but I recognized it nonetheless.

I was confused, but somewhat relieved. That is until I opened it up. Mario was in many pieces… they had destroyed him!!! Freaking bastards.

Undeterred, a new Mario was ordered and after triple checking that we had the address correct we once again sent him on his way. Ever have deja vu? Ever have a repeating nightmare? Yeah, combine those. By New Years 2022, Mario was back in customs. Are... you... kidding me??? Joao and I would still check in every once in awhile, we tried all the official channels again, and again had no luck.

Then a crazy thing happened... a customs official contacted Joao. YAY!!! No, not so fast. He wasn’t trying to help, no, he contacted Joao to tell him that Mario had (AGAIN!!!) been sent back to me.

When Joao told me this, I about lost it, but said… “If he makes it back to me in one piece, I am going to send it to you express.”

By miracle he did. The next day I took him to the UPS store and sent him off for the third time in 15 months. This time though, there would be no drama, no kidnapping and on March 31st, he finally made it home.

As I was saying… In 2020 Joao Valverde won the European Region Mario Andretti Drivers Championship. Congratulations man!


A competitive weekend of Qualifying has set the Front Row!

First we would like to introduce to you our Legacy Coin Winners from Qualifying Weekend. These drivers hold the fastest lap time overall across all divisions.

Our Legacy Coin Winner (Pole Award) within our Pro Division:

Nick Ottinger - Lap Time: 49.921

Our Legacy Coin Winner (Pole Award) within our Sportsman Division:

Maurice Gomillion - Lap Time: 49.953

Congratulations Gentlemen!!!!!

Now we introduce to you the drivers who will lead the field in their division to the Green Flag for Majors Series Daytona 500:

Majors Series Pro Division:

International Pro

P1 - Robert Northway | P2 - Adam Hallock

European Pro

P1 - Adam Facciponti | P2 - Alexander Russell

Americas Pro

P1 - Nick Ottinger | P2 - Tom Abromaitis

Majors Series Sportsman Division:

International Sportsman

P1 - Chastin J Teets | P2 - Craig Hawkins

European Sportsman

P1 - Brian Boomsma | P2 - Andy Morrell

Americas Sportsman

P1 - Maurice Gamillion | P2 - Colby Tucker