** Majors Licensing System **

With the 2022 Season the Majors has introduced the following changes to the Licensing System/Procedures

  ✔️ Introduction of the Protest Token System [Rule: 9.1.4 Protest Tokens] Each driver begins the season with 3 [Protest] Tokens.

           Protests filed which are unsuccessful (No Penalty Issued) will result in the protesting driver having 1 Token removed from their total count.  Once a driver has reached 0 Tokens

           each subsequent protest filed which is unsuccessful (No Penalty Issued), the protesting driver will have 2 demerits applied to their License.

           ** There is no current procedure in place to re-acquire tokens through the season. If you reach 0 you will be at risk for the remainder of the season when filing a protest. 

  ✔️ Removal of the Driver CPI Demerits/Adjustments to Demerit Thresholds [11.1.2 License Demerit Limit]

           Once a driver accumulates 8 demerits against them, said driver will receive a 1 event ban in their home region.

           ** Drivers at risk of reaching 8 demerits and subsequently a race ban may now utilize Additional Demerit Drops in accordance to rule [11.1.4 Additional Demerit Drops]

           ** Wildcard Weekends are 3 events and  banned drivers may still participate in events outside their home region.

  ✔️ Introduction of Additional Demerit Drops [11.1.4 Additional Demerit Drops] [Demerit Request Form]

           If a driver runs a support race cleanly (8 or less incidents / No Successful Protests Against), runs 250% of the required practice laps, runs

           the next Event without being protested successfully their license will have 2 demerits removed for the next 4 races.  (up to a max of 4 times for the year)

           ** Demerit Drop Request MUST be filed before the first official support race of the upcoming event.

license Data Updated: August 4th, 2022