** Majors Penalty System **

With the 2022 Season the Majors has introduced the following changes to the Protest System/Procedures

  ✔️ Introduction of the Protests / Appeals Submission Window:

            Post Race protests must be submitted between 06:00 GMT the Monday following the race and 20:00 GMT that Wednesday.

            ** Submissions that do not fall within the a fore mentioned windows will be ignored and/or removed.

  ✔️ Protest Submission Anonymity:

           In an effort to make drivers more comfortable submitting a protest without fear of retaliation in any form (open chat, DM's, on track, etc.) from the protested driver, we will no longer

           be displaying information regarding who initiated the protest against said driver.  This includes those submitted by Majors Administrators.

           ** Wildcard Weekends are 3 events and  banned drivers may still participate in events outside their home region

  ✔️ Track When Demerits Are Removed From Your License [11.1.3 Expiration of License Demerits]

           Demerits will be flagged for removal from a driver’s license after taking the Green Flag for 4 events. 

           ** Events which consist of more then one race are still classified as a single event towards penalty drop count. [ Landown 240 = 2 races , 2 Starts,  -1 Drop Count ]

           ** Demerits will still show within license data until you take the Green Flag in your 5th event and those race results are processed !!!

           ** For Wildcard Weekends, each region’s event is considered a separate event for purposes of demerit expiration.

Penalty Data Updated: August 4th, 2022