About the majors

In the world of Motorsport there are races and then, there are Majors. 

The Majors Series gives sim racing enthusiasts the opportunity to race in the most prestigious and iconic motor races in the world via the iRacing simulator.  We celebrate, honor, teach and replicate many of the greatest traditions within the sport. Our series is like no other, real or sim.

✔️ Are you a racing junkie and love all forms of Motorsports? 
✔️ Do you want to test yourself in ways you never have before? 
✔️ Do you want to compete with people who you get to know and learn to trust? 
✔️ Do you want to compete against drivers of similar skill, but in a league atmosphere? 
✔️ Do you want to compete in huge grids and multiple splits, but in a league atmosphere? 

If you can say yes to any of those then maybe the Majors Series is for you. 



The schedule is the heart of the series. Oval, road, dirt, crown jewels, historical events... you name it. 

You will be tested and uncomfortable, but so are all your competitors. There is no other schedule like this one. 

(view the full schedule in more detail)

🌍 regions

ANY iRacer from anywhere can join The Majors Series.

​Regardless of where you call home or what demands your "real life" schedule puts on you. The Majors Series has a time for you and you can select whichever region is best for you.

Three regions make up the Majors Series which one best suits you?
(below are raceday, green flag times)

✔️ International / 6:00 pm (Sydney) (Sat)

​✔️ European / 5:00 pm (GMT) (Sun)

✔️ Americas / 8:00 pm (Eastern) (Sun)


🏆 championships


With hundreds and hundreds of members, the Majors has a wide range of skill levels that ensures you always have a battle. Our Division structure is designed to amplify that.

✔️ Pro Division - (3000+ iRating)
       (Mario Andretti Drivers Championship)

✔️ Sportsman Division (less than 3000 iRating)

✔️ Legends Divisions (drivers 50+ years old)
       note - Legends drivers will also be competing in either Pro or Sportsman

✔️ Pro Team Championship (Up to 5 Drivers)

✔️ Sportsman Team Championship (Up to 5 Drivers)

✔️ Iron Man Award 
      (drivers who start all 14 races)


📡 broadcasts

Regardless of region or division drivers are featured on a live broadcasts all year. Each round we will have at least five live broadcasts, brought to you by; SimSpeed, GSRC, Radillion TV and LSRtv

Since 2014 the Majors has had over 200 broadcasts, with well over a MILLION views. 


Such a fun series and a great group of people!
~ Andy Kennedy


I love the variety of the races, the respectful racers. I also like how there are alternate championships in addition to just the main Pro & Sportsman championships. You can always find someone to race. The club championship as a way of feeling like you're part of something bigger. 

~ Christopher Sherburn


Simply put.... Pacific Majors is THE Best series Ive ever been a part of in my 3 years in iRacing. 
From the standpoints of Organization, Series Integrity, Formats, Coverage, Participants (always large grids), Clean Racing Competition, and Attitudes, you feel like family here.. Mike and crew do an outstanding job... this is how to do it, this is how it should be. 
Pacific Majors has set the benchmark in organized league racing. Just look at the GSRC viewers numbers of the series and watch any of the races, they are all close and entertaining.

~ Jason Fleischli


...realism. iRacing is a great service, but, for me, the ability to join as many races each week as you want takes a little bit away from that. It's just not realistic to do so. I like the official series, but, in my mind, I more enjoy having limited race dates, where you have to spend time practicing and preparing, doing setup testing and getting your car set just right for that one race, and good or bad, however you finish is what you get. There are no "do overs", and you can't enter another race 2 hours later. 

It raises the stakes and makes each race mean more. Then there are the people. Having this series limited to just 4 clubs means you get to see a lot of the same people each race. Just like in real racing, you see the same people week in and week out, and you get to know them. Obviously, this is just sim racing, but each little aspect of these things helps to make it seem a little more realistic. 

Plus, when you race with the same people each time, you generally tend to get a better quality race, and usually more respectful racing. 

~ Sam Boren


Absolutely one of the most competitive and fun series I have ever ran on iRacing.

~ Blake Reynolds

Absolute fantastic time yesterday/week preparing for this league. You and the guys have something special here. Haven't had this much fun since GT Academy.

~Steve Driscoll

What a great raceday!!! One of the best racing experience of my life and i would say thank you that I can be a part of it!  Thanks again to all of your major series team,very good work!! 
~ Patrick Niese