R1 | Daytona 2.4


Since 1966 they have run 24 hours at Daytona. It is racings longest night, racings emergence from winter and for the 8th time is the Majors Series Opener. 

Welcome to the Daytona 2.4!

The weeks activities include the ROAR before the 24 support races, over 50 hours of official, open practice and of course conclude with the 2.4 hour races. 

Race Charity 



Date | January 16th & 17th

Track | Daytona (Road Course)

Cars(s) | Dallara LMP2, BMW M8, Corvette C8.R, Ferrari GTE, Porsche RSR, BMW M4 GT3, Lamborghini GT3

Eligibility | Season Pass Holder

Race Length |  2.4 hours (144 min)

Cautions | OFF

Start | Rolling

Restart | NA
Lucky Dog | NA

Incident Cap | 35 (S&H at 20)

Minimum Practice Laps | 25

Target Split Size | 54


Race & Practice
Dynamic Weather

Sim Date | Jan 17th

Sim Time |
Open Practice | 3:00 pm
Green Flag | 5:10 pm

Track State | 0%


Air Temperature | 70

Atmosphere | 55

Skies | Clear

Time of Day | 2:00 pm

Wind Speed| 2 N

Track State | 100%


Saturday, Jan. 9th
6:00 pm (Sydney)  ROAR #1 | 60 Min

Sunday, Jan. 10th
5:00 pm (London) ROAR #2 | 60 Min
5:00 pm (Los Angeles) ROAR #3 | 60 Min


⚠️ Wed thru Sat
Open Practice will be available 24 hours each day.

Pre-Qualifying will be available 5 times per day.

Saturday, Jan. 16th
6:00 pm (Sydney) Intl Daytona 2.4

Sunday, Jan. 17th
5:00 pm (London) Euro Daytona 2.4
5:00 pm (Los Angeles) Amr Daytona 2.4


 | Race Specific Rules

✔️ On the initial race start the overall leader may go anytime after the pace car leaves the track. 

✔️ The GTE and GT3 Class leaders should leave a 10 second gap to the last car in the class ahead. 

✔️ GTE and GT3 Classes go on GREEN

✔️ There is no racing on the apron, cars may only go below the yellow line to avoid an incident and never to gain positions or time. Left side tires may be ON the line, but no part may be OVER the line. 

✔️Slower class cars should use the lower lane on the oval sections. 

✔️ Slower class cars should take the preferred racing line the rest of the lap. 

✔️ Blocking is not allowed and is defined as making a reactionary move to the car behind or by making more than one defensive move at a time.