R2 | 1987 Daytona 500


While 2021 marks 20 years since Dale Earnhardt's passing,  we choose to celebrate and remember him from when he was at his peak. 


In 1987 Dale would win a staggering 11 races and clinch his 3rd championship with two races left on the schedule and would end the season with a 400 point cushion to 2nd place. In a career full of success this was his him at his most dominant.

Welcome to the Daytona 500!

The event activities include THE  INTIMIDATOR Team race, Duels, over 50 hours of official, open practice and of course conclude with the 500 itself. 

Race Charity 



Date | February 20th & 21st

Track | Daytona 

Cars(s) | 1987 NASCAR Cup 

Eligibility | Season Pass Holder

Race Length |  200 laps

Cautions | ON

Start | Rolling

Restart | Double File (lapped inside)
Lucky Dog | ON

Incident Cap | 26

Minimum Practice Laps | 50

Target Split Size | 36


Race & Practice
Dynamic Weather

Sim Date | Feb 21st

Sim Time |
Open Practice | 11:00 am
Green Flag | 1:10 pm

Track State | 0%


Air Temperature | 70

Atmosphere | 55

Skies | Clear

Time of Day | 2:00 pm

Wind Speed| 2 N

Track State | 100%



Saturday, Feb. 6th
9:00 pm (GMT)  Intimidator 

Saturday, Feb. 13th
6:00 pm (Sydney)  Duel #1 |  50 laps

Sunday, Feb. 14th
5:00 pm (London) Duel #1 |  50 laps
5:00 pm (Los Angeles) Duel #1 |  50 laps


⚠️ Wed thru Sat
Open Practice will be available all day.
Pre-Qualifying will be available 5 times per day.


Thursday, Feb. 18th
7:00 pm (Sydney)  Duel #2 |  50 laps

Thursday, Feb. 18th
7:00 pm (London)  Duel #2 |  50 laps

Thursday, Feb. 18th
7:00 pm (Los Angeles)  Duel #2 |  50 laps

Saturday, Feb. 20th
6:00 pm (Sydney) Intl Daytona 500

Sunday, Feb. 21st
5:00 pm (London) Euro Daytona 500
5:00 pm (Los Angeles) Amr Daytona 500

 | Race Specific Rules

✔️ The start and restarts are controlled by the leader who may go anytime after the pace car exits the track. 

✔️ There are no lane changes prior to the start finish line on those restarts. If you are being lapped, please stay high for the leaders to pass you low. 

✔️ When entering and exiting pit lane, stay in the far right lane as long as possible so that competitors may be able to see their pit box and can use the middle lane for merging. 

✔️ During the race each driver has 10 sets of tires.

✔️ There is no racing on the apron, cars may only go below the yellow line to avoid an incident and never to gain positions or time. Left side tires may be ON the line, but no part may be OVER the line. 

Qualifying & Duels

✔️ Up to 15 drivers are locked into the top Pro and Sportsman split based on 2020 season results.

✔️ Top Two Drivers from Duel 1 QUALIFYING Times will get locked into the Top Split.

✔️  Top Four Drivers from each Duel (each division) will get locked into the Top Split.
( If a locked in driver earns a Top 4 spot, then the extra spot(s) will go to driver(s) based on Pre-Qualifying time)

✔️  All other spots will be allocated based on Pre-Qualifying time. 

✔️ Where possible the Duels will be split based on division. If the divisions are merged for a Duel the Top 4 from EACH division earn a spot. 

✔️ Drivers must register for the Duels in advance and may only run in Duels for their own region. 


✔️ The Intimidator is a fun tournament on Feb 6th with a heavy focus on teams.


✔️  Teams will have up to 5 drivers and teams will be seeded based on Qualifying times.


✔️ Two semi finals of 8 teams (32 drivers) will compete in a 50 lap race. 


✔️ Top 4 teams from each semi will advance to the Finals and will run another 50 lap race to determine the champions.

✔️  Drivers with no team affiliation may compete and will be paired up with other independents.