The 2 Hours of the Glen is in the books and was an outstanding opening to the 2022 Season!

We saw 313 drivers take the grid on race day making for some exciting racing across all three regions.

With the first race of the season now complete the first shipment of Legacy Coins have gone out!

We hope you will join us in congratulating all of our race winners and those that showed their determination and talent approaching the Green Flag on Race day.

Many of our drivers for Round 1 took advantage of extra qualifying attempts to try and lock themselves into the top split of their region. We would like to thank each and everyone of them for taking part and helping Majors Series raise over $150 in donations for the National MS Society which was nominated by Kevin Hill as a 2022 charity.

Now let us introduce to you those drivers that have earned the very first Legacy Coins to be awarded by the Majors Series.

Shayne Bowen - Shayne showed his grit and determination in making sure he was ready for race day by clicking in the Most Practice Laps by a single driver across all 3 regions with a whopping 1,246 laps turned before race day. Nearly double the amount of any other competing driver. Now THAT is dedication!!!! Congratulations Shayne!

The next set of coins to be awarded went to the fastest qualifying drivers for each class and division across all regions. Congratulations to our Legacy Coin Pole Award Winners.

Pro Pole LMP2 - Chris Barrott - 1:31.019

Pro Pole GT3 - Christian Challiner - 1:43.689

Sport Pole LMP2 - Brian Boomsma -1:31.327

Sport Pole GT3 - Nathan Medina - 1:44.229

Now let us congratulate our winners from the 2 Hours of the Glen who showed their ability to not only manage traffic but make sure they crossed the line for a Podium in 2022 earning the first Gold Legacy coins of the 2022 season.

Meet our PRO Division Winners:

International Pro LMP2 Winner - Blake Neck

International Pro GT3 Winner - Sam Harper

European Pro LMP2 Winner - Jamie Conway

European Pro GT3 Winner - Dallas Pataska

Americas Pro LMP2 Winner - Andrew Waring

Americas Pro GT3 Winner - Christian Challiner

Meet our Sportsman Division Winners:

International Sportsman LMP2 Winner - Adrian Stefan

International Sportsman GT3 Winner - Mark Newton

European Sportsman LMP2 Winner - Brian Boomsma

European Sportsman GT3 Winner - Eric Feick

Americas Sportsman LMP2 Winner - Michael Broomhead

Americas Sportsman GT3 Winner - Nathan Medina


The 2021 Season is now Behind Us!

The Champions have been announced!

The time to rest has finally come to an END!

Majors Series has recently announced all the details for Round 1 of

The Majors Series 2022 Season.

The first green flag of the 2022 Season will officially launch on January 15th, 2022 with Open Practice and Pre Q sessions opening January 11/12th.

DON’T WORRY! You do not have to wait to start getting your team ready, your car selected and your setup in line. Many of our members are already starting to put in their laps, launching public sessions for you to join. Meet up with friends and members you know while getting introductions to some of our newest teams and drivers.

We are looking forward to 2022 being another fantastic year with The Majors. All new awards. Some new ways to win them. More competitive year of teams with a full split of Pro and Sportsman divisions. The beautifully designed Legacy coins up for grabs.

Not sure if you want to join the majors. Well we are firm believers in the try before you buy initiative. Bring your team, join a team, or just run on your own. With only a few limitations to being a free member you get to try us out while enjoying clean competitive racing without the financial commitment.

If you feel you fit choose one of our available Membership Packages and race your way for a championship. Have your family and friends watch you as you race just like IRL (in real life) with live commentary and interaction with our professional broadcasters:

Global Sim Racing Network - Global Sim Racing Channel - YouTube

Sim Speed - Sim Speed - YouTube

Radillion TV - Raidillon TV - YouTube

LSRtv - LSRTV - YouTube

We look forward to seeing you on the track in our 2022 season. Join one of the largest growing communities for sim racing. The MAJORS


Unless you mean like "iRacing Team", but hey... I digress!

By and large the team structure we have works well and produces deserving champions. The biggest concern has been about the influence of "super teams". While it's an understandable concern, there is no way to legislate away people voluntarily working together and we would rather have that out in the open then hidden in the shadows.

That said, Sam Harper and I felt there were a couple changes we could make that would level the playing field just a bit.

Pro or Sport, not mixed - Teams can have Pro drivers or Sportsman drivers, not both. While this creates a limitation, it also makes the championship battles more "pure", especially for the sportsman teams.

No more driver swaps - In the past we allowed a certain amount of swapping drivers between sister teams. This allowed teams to "call up" a driver when another driver was going to miss a round. While very useful, it was was only used by largest of teams and became a huge advantage.

This year teams can register up to 5 drivers (as normal) and when a driver competes in their first race of the season they are "locked" to that team and can not score for another team during the year. When a team has 5 drivers locked in, they can not add any new drivers. Exception - If a locked in driver needs to resign from the series for the remainder of the season, the team can add a new driver to the team, but that driver must not have driven for another team during the year to that point.

What is not changed? Teams still can have up to 5 drivers and will still count their best 3 scores each round and there are no drop rounds for team points.


While we welcome independents, the reality is the series is really hard without support and we encourage everyone to be on a team. To help facilitate that we will have an NFL-esque combine on several days between now and the new year. We will host some practice sessions at all the various event combos for 2022 and track the speed charts so teams can find good matches. Finally, even if a driver decides to run as a privateer they won't be alone, as we are bringing back the Governor's Cup. Every driver will represent their iRacing club and are teammates with all other clubmates in this competition. >>>> REGISTER YOUR TEAM NOW