Updated: Feb 19

Many, many, many of you have asked me over the last few months. "Hey, where is John?"

Sadly, John has been very ill, but being the selfless, stoic person he is, he didn't want people to know too much about what he was going through, and he really didn't want anyone to feel sorry for him.

Well, the time has come that we (the Kinetic team and myself) go against those wishes and tell you what he has been facing.

John has had sleep issues for awhile now because of his Tinnitus, but in early October he began feeling a lot worse and told me he was going to miss the next Majors race as he was having some tests done and was needing to rest a lot. For the first time I was really worried for him.

After many tests, a couple of incorrect diagnosis and a few weeks time the Doctors finally came to the sobering conclusion that John had brain cancer. Now, John being John, did not tell me he had cancer... no, during the course of one of our conversations he casually mentioned that we was beginning gamma treatment.

I'm like, "Gamma Treatmeant? What the hell, that's for Brain Cancer right?"

That was on November 9th and since then John has literally been fighting for his life, all the while asking that we not share "too much".

Going forward he was "online" less and less, but each time I checked in on him, I tried to talk about other stuff, but couldn't help but ask "how we doin Captain?" His answer was always short, but very upbeat. I truly don't think he is capable self pity.

Last week we got the news that John didn't wish to continue with his treatment... he had been through enough. When I read that message, it didn't really sink in, I suppose I didn't want it to.

You may have noticed that the Kinetic guys have been adding a message on all their cars #RacingForJohn. This has been a wonderful show of support for a person who means more than we can say, but with the news of John's decision #RacingForJohn going to mean even more.

I have decided that we are going to switch our charity for the Daytona 500 to #RacingForJohn and 100% of the extra qualifying attempts will go to him for medical bills. Additionally, you are welcome and encouraged to contribute directly to the GoFundme that has been setup for the same purpose.

We get to support a lot of wonderful charities each year, but this is our friend and I am asking you to give whatever you can. Direct Link - https://gofund.me/5a7eaea7


How good of team owner was Dale Earnhardt? If the short history of DEI is any gauge, his intentions were nothing short of what he achieved as a driver. He had quickly built a three car team and results were starting to come in quickly. Their superspeedway program was indisputably the best and no style of racing is more reliant on teamwork.

In that spirit, and in the spirit of Dale, we bring you the Intimidator... a Team Superspeedway Tournament.

Saturday, February 6th, 9:00 pm GMT Five drivers, personal glory be damned, try to get their teammates as far up the order as possible.

Teams must survive a Semi Final race and then attack for victor in the Final.

Register your Team - https://forms.gle/yBgS8wTJWhBirTty9