It's no secret the points table was hot topic in 2021.

In 2019 and 2020 we awarded 500 points for a pro split win and it was easy for the points gap to appear out of reach when in reality it was not. We have been very happy with the general distribution of points so we didn't want to mess with that too much, so we simply moved the decimal one place to the left and rounded any uneven numbers.

The this turned out to "squish" the points too much and created a ton of ties on points. This was not popular and rightly so.

For 2022 we kept the same distribution (roughly) but expanded the total to half the points of 2020 instead 1/10th like last year.

We also made the points exactly the same in Pro and Sportsman, this is a positive, but does force a rule change that we wanted to make anyway. For 2022 Teams will be made up of solely Pro or solely Sportsman drivers, no cross over. Next Update - More news on Teams.


When you get right down to brass tacks the Majors Series exists to celebrate motorsports thru simracing. To create a large community of people who have a passion for both and to celebrate, honor, teach and replicate many of the greatest traditions within the sport we love.

That, in a nutshell, is what I hope for the Majors Series Legacy to be. While that is important to me, I realized with John’s passing that individual legacies like his are actually what build and sustain our community. It’s not about the exact specific events, (although those are important and cool). It’s not about any one person’s performance on the track, (although each of us wants to do our best and we all want the best recognized). No, our legacies are forged from what we do. How we encourage people, how we develop people, how we contribute to the community. Achievement can create a legacy on it’s own, but to me is greater still when combined with community spirit. So, with all that in mind we are moving swiftly to something I call, Legacy Mode. Legacy Mode is about recognizing accomplishments, perseverance and contributions.


​Each member will earn points for things that are both performance based and perseverance based. Here is a list of just some of the things you will earn points for. Iron Man Wins (each) Podiums (each) Clean Races (each) Most Laps in Practice Pre Q Pole Top 10s (each) Starts (each) At the end of the year we will have a prize raffle for everyone who has earned Legacy Points. The more points you have, the more chances you have at the prizes. Prizes will include; event tickets to the Indy 500, Racing memorabilia, sim equipment and more. ➡️ LEGACY COINS

​Some of the above achievements will also earn a driver Legacy Coins. At the conclusion of EVERY event Legacy Coins will be sent to drivers who; Win (Pro and Sport Top Split), Pre Q Pole (Pro and Sport), and to the driver who lays down the most laps in practice during race week. Additionally, at the end of the year all Iron Men will receive a Legacy Coin and any driver who makes their 100th start will also earn a Legacy Coin. But what are Legacy coins? These are; 2 inch in diameter, robust, real metal coins that you will covet, cherish and show off. These are essentially “Challenge Coins” for the Majors Series. Perhaps the easiest way to explain them, is to show them.

Gold = Race Winner Both Pro and Sportsman Top Split winners from every region will earn this coin each race and you can collect more than one. The above image shows off both sides of coin. The front is Majors Series branded with the year of competition and two small "John King Helmets". The back is meant to represent something important that is happening with the Majors and this year it is a tribute to John King, Featuring his name, birth year and karting logo.

Black = Pole The Pro and Sportsman Pre Q Pole winners will earn this stunning coin. The black is meant to be our rendition of an F1 Pirelli Tire Pole Award.

To win this coin you must be the fastest in ALL regions and only 34 of these coins will be given out during the year.

Bronze = Most Laps in Practice

We value preparation and to show that, the person who turns the most laps during race week practice will earn this coin. This is the 2nd most rare of the Legacy Coin as this award will only be given out 14 times during the year.

Silver = IRON MAN We often say that running every event in the Majors is hard. The Iron Man has always been a tremendous accomplishment and now the reward will match the effort.

Every driver who competes in all 14 regular season events will earn this beauty.

Antique Gold = 100 Starts

By far the most rare coin and by far the most difficult to achieve is the 100th Start coin. The year that you win this coin is a graduation date of sorts, you will become alumni with an extremely select number of people. For 2022 only TWO new drivers can reach the milestone (Matt Gelder and Tom Dreiling).

Our three members (Bryan Barns, Wayne Hutchison and Steven Paulissen) who reached the milestone in 2021 will each be getting this coin as well.

In total the coins are very limited, can not be purchased and can only be earned. Each year the design will change, adding to the value and rarity of each.


This is the day we celebrate, recognize and remember. The Iron Warrior, Playoffs, Awards, Legacy Point raffles & Hall of Fame Ceremony akk allow us to close the season in historic fashion.

What will be your legacy???


Details now available for the Majors 24hrs of Sebring - December 4th & 5th


Gather Your Team - Select Your Class - Select Your Car - Register For The Event!

- Live admins to oversee the race and any major incidents of consequence within Top Split

- Full course cautions utilizing the same system used with the Majors MTEC Series.

-Teams MUST have a minimum of 2 drivers, Max drivers 7