Late Apex is Motorsport apparel for the modern race fan and Late Apex is also the brand new sponsor of the Classic Daytona 2.4! If you've ever wanted to experience the "Shoey" without actually drinking alcohol from your boot! Then Late Apex is for you! Want to relive some classic driver audio? Then Late Apex is for you.

In any case, Late Apex is for the Majors, welcome!

For more information on race sponsor hips, click here.


Majors 500... has a nice ring to it right? Could be a race right? Certainly could be, but today "Majors 500" simply means that we have crossed over 500 series registrations so far. Drivers by region we have;

Atlantic - 210

Europe - 145

Pacific - 130

International - 69

These are great numbers, but we are a long, long way from being done. The goal is to hit at least 1,000 registered drivers by the start of the season.

We believe that the Majors Series offers the best overall experience in sim racing and we want as many drivers as possible to experience it.

Many of you found us because somebody you know races here or because they referred you to the Majors, that's great and you can do the same! If you refer at least five people to the series who become season pass holders you will receive a free season pass.

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