There are many ways to distribute points in racing and seemingly more being created every year. For us the most important purpose any points structure is to crown a deserving champion. Next it should accurately rank the remaining drivers and lastly it should encourage continued participation by as many drivers as possible.

With more variation in grid sizes in 2018 it became important to make the points linear. No longer will the 1st place points in any of the Sportsman splits be fixed.

If for example the Pro split has 55 drivers in it, last place will get 129 points. 1st place in the Sportsman 1 split will get 128 pts (the equivalent to 56th place). If we are running a dirt race and the A Main has 15 drivers then 15th place would get 189 pts and 1st place in Sportsman 1 would get 186 pts (equivalent to 16th place). Below are the first 30 places to give you an idea.

Place / Points

1st / 250

2nd/ 240

3rd / 235

4th/ 232

5th/ 219

6th / 216

7th / 213

8th / 210

9th / 207

10th / 204

11th / 201

12th / 198

13th / 195

14th / 192

15th / 189

16th / 186

17th / 183

18th / 180

19th / 177

20th / 174

21st / 172

22nd / 170

23rd / 168

24th / 166

25th / 164

26th / 162

27th / 160

28th / 158

29th / 156

30th / 154

Additionally we retain two drop weeks, one oval and one road.


In 2016 teams were added to the Majors Series for the first time and in 2018 we are taking teams to a whole new level.

Here are the changes...

Scoring Drivers /

Teams will still carry a maximum of five drivers (all from the same region), but will now score three (instead of two) drivers each race.

Adding & Replacing / Up untill now teams have been restricted to five drivers TOTAL for the season. If a team lost a driver for whatever reason they were forced to remain short handed. In 2018 that changes.

Teams may add or replace drivers at anytime during the season, provided the driver being added has not competed for any other team during the 2018 season. In the case of replacement, the replaced driver must officially resign from the series for the season.

Junior Teams /

Teams are allowed to have one officially linked developmental team, known as a "Junior” team. All members of both teams must be competing in the same region.

Promotion - During the season, Junior Team members may be promoted (one time) to the primary team for any reason. After the single race promotion, this team member will either be relegated back for the following race or they will be considered a permanent member of the primary team. If an original, primary team member is relegated for any reason, they may not be re-added to the primary team during 2018. This rule to help keep a primary team whole in the case where one of it's members has to miss a race for any reason. A primary team member may not race for the Junior team unless the relegation is permanent.

If a team elects to field a Junior Team then the primary team must ONLY pull drivers from the Junior team in case of adding or replacing.

Multi Regional Teams /

Teams that have drivers in different regions are welcome to share; resources, setups, paint schemes etc. but will be treated as independent entities from a Team Points perspective.(ie. points scored never cross regions)

The Draft / Teams are HUGE part of the Majors Series.​ Drivers are welcome to race as an independent, but we feel like the experience of being on a team is so beneficial that we want to give you every opportunity to join one.

Any driver who wishes to be on a team, but has not found one, may register for the first annual “Majors Series Supplemental DRAFT”. Which will be held on Saturday, January 13th. Team owners who have not reached the five driver roster cap may also register for the DRAFT.

The 2018 Constructors Championship is going be a heck of a lot of fun.

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