Help us congratulate our 2020 Champions!

Mario Andretti Drivers Champions

International | Will Lesslie, Kinetic European | Joao Valverde, Kinetic

Americas | Christian Challiner, Kinetic

Sportsman Champions

International | Steven Williams, DPR European | Sam T Harper, Missed Apex

Americas | Mark Stevenson, Forge

Legends Champions

International | Harald Stadler, Texense FitzSty

European | Micael Hagstrom, Team Players Hagstrom

Americas | Bryan Barns, DogBear

Pro Team Champions

International | Kinetic Racing European | Bombshell Motorsports

Americas | Kinetic Racing

Sportsman Team Champions

International | MFRacing European | Hanson Brothers Racing

Americas | Forge Racing

Kinetic Sweep!

It is tough enough, like really, really tough to win one Drivers Championship and a driver usually needs all the support they can get from their team. So for a team to win the Mario in all three regions seems like an incredible longshot. Well somebody call my bookie...

Will Lesslie, Joao Valverde and Christian Challiner have all won the title flying the Kinetic banner. Combine that with team championships in Americas and International and Kinetic will be the team that everyone is gunning for next year.


This is an in depth overview of the 2021 schedule. If you forgot your reading glasses you can watch the YouTube version here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2mmmgIm3SQ

Round 1 | Jan. 16th & 17th | Daytona 2.4 To the surprise of well, absolutely no one, the 2021 season begins in the sunshine state on the Daytona Road Course for the 7th time in eight years. This race truly is a driver favorite as it has been the #1 choice on the member survey three years in a row.

This race will feature the current IMSA classes, highlighted by the new LMP2 and Corvette C8.R.

Round 2 | Feb. 20th & 21st | Daytona 500 As a crown jewel event, the Daytona 500 is a permanent fixture on the schedule. But as this is the 20th anniversary of Dale’s passing we will pay special tribute to the Intimidator by using a car he dominated in, the 1987 Cup Cars.

Up to now, you might be thinking… Haven’t I seen this movie before? Well, hold on ‘cause the script is ‘bout to flip. In Round 3 we bring you the first of FOUR Wild Card Rounds. Wait, wut? What exactly is a “Wild Card Round?”

Well, after looking at the results of the mid season survey it was obvious that there was a pretty significant variance in what people wanted from the Majors schedule. Now… we still have a core philosophy and while that is NEVER changing we thought maybe, just maybe there is a way to get more creative with the schedule and to stick to our vision.

So, after a follow up survey and A LOT of thought we came up with the Wild Card idea. Essentially, a handful of rounds on the schedule will have a different race for each region. The regional races are likely to appeal more greatly to drivers from that particular region and hopefully make the schedule more exciting for more people. With that, here is the first Wild Card Round of the year.

Round 3 | Mar. 13th & 14th | WILD CARD ROUND International - Bathurst 2 Hour We have never done the Bathurst 12 hour before and it seems odd, but at the same time good to do it in year where the real raced sadly will not be contested. The race will feature all the GT3’s (minus the Ford) and the GT4’s.

European - Masters of Formula 3

The Masters has long been a “Major” stepping stone race for up and coming drivers, and the alumni from this race is a who’s who of racing. For our event we celebrate the 2008 version which was held at Zolder. Jules Bianchi would win the race further ensuring his ticket into Formula 1. In this race he would outduel the likes of; Nico Hulkenberg, Brendan Hartley, Max Chilton, Nick Tandy and Daniel Ricciardo. What a crazy talented group of guys who would end up in major racing series all over the globe. Sadly, Jules is often remembered as being the last F1 driver since Senna to die from injuries in a crash. In this race, we will remember his tremendous potential!

Americas - 1979 Grand Prix of Long Beach

One could argue that the GP of Long Beach is the most prestigious road race held on American soil.  What isn’t debatable is that the Lotus 79 at Long Beach is one of the most joy inspiring combos in all of iRacing.

More on the Wild Cards…

While having a different race in each region is a HUGE change for us, it is just the tip of the iceberg with regard to Wild Card Rounds. We realize that some people will look at those three events and say, “Man, I’d rather race in that other regions race!” or “C’mon, I’d like to run ALL of those races!”

Well, long story short… you can. Yep, drivers will be able to race in ANY or ALL of the races on a Wild Card Weekend. We realize that lots of drivers will only be able to run in their normal region because of you know… life, so this year more than ever you will want to choose the region that best suits your schedule and your preferences.

Also understand that some people will be concerned about drivers from other regions coming in taking grid spots and points from regulars. We combat those worries two ways. First with the Locked in Drivers, as 15 spots in the top Pro and Sportsman splits will be “locked in” based on points. Secondly we will be adding a championship that is specific to the four Wild Card Rounds and it is called the Trifecta Trophy. The winner is the person who scores the most points in all 12 Wild Card races.    

Round 4 | Apr. 10th & 11th | Musket 250 One of the biggest modified races around takes us to New Hampshire in the Tour Mod.

Round 5 | May 1st & 2nd | Nurburgring 2.4 Back at the green hell racing the; 911 Cup, GT4 & TCR cars. This race is on most every “Top 10 most important races in the world” list, but it was also popular with you as it was the 2nd race voted in via the member survey.

Round 6 | May 15th & 16th | Indy 500 Crown Jewel #2 and 10th anniversary of Dan Wheldon’s last Indy 500 win and the race that JR Hildebrand crashed coming out of four.

Round 7 | Jun 19th & 20th  | Le Mans

Crown Jewel #3 and the 100th regular season race in Majors history! We celebrate the rain soaked 2001 Race and will use the; HPD, GT1 and Porsche 911 Cup as the classes.

Round 8 | Jul 10th & 11th | Wild Card Round

International - Chili Bowl Nationals

The Chili Bowl has probably been the most requested dirt race and the International region will get to host the prestigious dirt midget race.

European - World Rallycross Norway

For those who like a little gravel with their dirt. The Euro region will host the Majors first rallycross race at the famed “Hell” Circuit.

Americas - Crandon World Cup

Big Grids, a wide, wide, wide track and the iconic land rush start highlight our first venture into off road racing. Additionally, if he makes the first seven rounds of the season, this will be Brian Barns’ 100th start in the Majors. As someone with experience in off road racing including the Baja 1000, its only right that we are running the Off Road Trucks for this race.

Round 9 | Jul 31st & Aug 1st | Spa 2.4

With splits over 50 cars big and just one class, the championship battle can get mega mixed up at the most prestigious GT3 race in the world. This race was the third and final voted in race on the member survey.

Round 10 | Aug 21st & Aug 22nd | Southern 500

Simply put Darlington is as difficult an oval as exists. This track and this race will test drivers skill and patience like no other. The lady in black has earned her “too tough to tame” moniker, no it’s not just a slogan.

Round 11 | Sep 11th & Sep 12th | Italian Grand Prix

One of the oldest and original F1 races has stood the test of time because of the track and the tifosi. Seeming built and modified with Formula 1, firmly in mind, the temple of speed tests every bit of a teams engineering ability and every ouch of a driver’s courage. We can’t race a Ferrari, so we will run the McLaren F1 instead.

Round 12 | Oct 2nd & Oct 3rd | Wild Card Round

International - Phillip Island Super Sprint

The Supercars at Phillip Island is a great combo and for this round we’ll be running two sprint races.  

European - Cars Tour Southern National 300

The Late Models at Southern Nationals is a great combo and we’ll highlight an important race on the Cars Tour schedule.

Americas - Snowball Derby Huge prize money and and off season date is a recipe for bringing in an All Star lineup of drivers from all over the short track and NASCAR worlds. One of, if not the most coveted short track race in the country. We take the Super Late Models to Five Flags to recreate the magic of the Snowball Derby.

Round 13 | Oct 23rd & Oct 24th | Wild Card Round

International - Super GT Suzuka

Showcasing this great Japanese series is long overdue as this is the first Super GT race in the Majors. The GT1 and GT3 cars will battle for 52 laps at Suzuka.   

European - Formula Ford Festival

This may be the biggest club level race in all of Great Britain. It is rich in tradition and has regularly attracted many of the best new drivers. The Skip Barber at Brands Hatch Indy will generate some of the closest, oval-esque racing anywhere.

Americas - SCCA Runoffs The undisputed, premier, club level championship in the United States. The runoffs are act as a national championship for tons of cars and the races rotate tracks nearly every year, but they have been contested at Road Atlanta by far more than any other track. The MX-5 and the Spec Racer Ford are two of the most coveted championships at the Runoffs and so we will run them both! Drivers will complete one race in each.

Round 14 | Nov 6th & Nov 7th | Indy Japan 300 It might be the land of the rising sun, but it’s here we will put the season to bed. It wasn’t that long ago that Indycar went to Japan every year and Motegi is a really cool and unique oval. We’ll run the same Dallara IR05 chassis that danced around here in the early 2000’s.

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