When the dust settled on the season, 47 men remained perfect, 47 competed in all 14 regular season events. These 47 can be called... Iron Men. Andreas Robertsson

Brett Trosin

Brian P McGreevy

Bryan Barns

Cameron Dance

Christian Challiner

Daniel B Johnson

Daniel Davis8

Daniel Stevens

David H Baker

David K Hall

Dean Moll

Duane Burns

Eric Micke

George Angus

Gerard Gilbert

Greg McEneaney

Jason McSparron

Jason Walat

Joao Valverde

Jocke Sjöö

Jonathan Behn

Joseph M Homan

Kolin Marzolf

Kurt Krumm

Lynn Kincheloe

Mark Rediker

Mark Stevenson

Mason Marzolf

Matt Gelder

Matthew P Kloet

Micael Hagstrom

Nick Kuhn

Ray Partridge

Rob Courtney

Robert DeLoach

Ronald McPherson

Ross Banfield

Sam T Harper

Shayne Bowen

Steven Williams

Tom Dreiling

Travis Henderson

Treavor Vavrosky

Wade Hays

Wayne Hutchison

Will Lesslie

On December 12th these men will face off in the Iron Warrior Demo Derby. A 100 lap, all smiles, smash'em up that is a well deserved respite from serious racing and is chance to let loose and maybe win a badass 1/24 scale diecast.

Terry Labonte Iron Man Diecast

All Iron Men get the official certificate confirming their greatness! Congrats!


For the 2021 Season we are thrilled to have (at least) FIVE broadcasted races EVERY round!

For Americas Pro, GSRC is back for the 8th consecutive year and in 2021 Joe and team will call their 100th Majors Series Race!

Over the years Americas Sportsman has seen a bit of a broadcaster merri-go-round and while we are thankful for all the companies who have covered us, we believe we have found a long term partner in EBSN ( eSports Broadcasting Network ). EBSN covers a wide range of disciplines and Sam and team have the depth of knowledge needed to be successful covering the Majors.

In European Pro we are switching it up, and GSRC will be adding a second region and a second broadcast each race weekend. I want preface by thanking RaceSpot for doing a great job covering this region for the last three years. I have worked with RaceSpot for a long, long time and am always happy with their service. That said this move is less about RaceSpot an more about GSRC. GSRC and the Majors have been together since both of our beginnings and GSRC has ALWAYS given our series the gold star treatment. They strive to understand what is going on in the series, get to know the drivers and work hard promoting us behind the scenes.

Our intent for 2021 is that each of the broadcasters not only convey what is going on in the division they cover, but that they understand how it ties in with all the other regions and divisions. We believe that putting GSRC in Euro Pro will help to facilitate that.

European Sportsman had their own split in all but one race last year so we are happy to announce that Radillion TV will be covering them for the entire season. Robert and team at Radillion are true motorsports geeks and I think you will love them.

In International Pro we bring back SimSpeed for a 4th year! Jay, Rhys & Ryan have fully embraced the series and have been instrumental in helping us promote the Majors in the Australasian part of the world.

I have promised the International Sportsman their own broadcast as well if we can get at least 35 sportsman level drivers to register for the series.

We are excited about this lineup, we are excited to bring over 200 hours of Majors Series racing to life on the big screen.

Contact Info, go raid these folks! GSRC | Facebook | Discord SimSpeed | Facebook | Discord Radillion TV | Discord | EBSB | Facebook