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R6 | Indy 500


Date | May 14th & 15th

Track | Indianapolis

Cars(s) | Dallara IR-18 

Eligibility | Season Pass Holder

Race Length |  200 laps

Cautions | ON

Start | Rolling

Restart | Single File
Lucky Dog | OFF

Incident Cap | 26

Minimum Practice Laps | 50

Target Split Size | 33
Pre Qualifying | 4 lap average



Race & Practice

Dynamic Weather

Sim Date | May 29th

Sim Time |
Sim Date | May 29th
Open Practice | 10:00 am
Green Flag | 12:00 pm

Track State | 0%


Sim Date | May 29th
Air Temperature | 74

Atmosphere | 40

Skies | Partly Cloudy

Time of Day | 11:30 am

Wind Speed| 5 W

Track State | 100%



Saturday, May 7th
6:00 pm (Sydney)  Support #1 |  50 laps


Sunday, May 8th
5:00 pm (London) Support #2 |  50 laps
5:00 pm (Los Angeles) Support #3 |  50 laps


⚠️ Sat thru Sat
Open Practice will be available all day.
Pre-Qualifying will be available 6 times per day.


Saturday, May 14th
6:00 pm (Sydney) Intl Indy 500

Sunday, May 15th
5:00 pm (London) Euro Indy 500
5:00 pm (Los Angeles) Amr Indy 500

 | Race Specific Rules

✔️ Pre Qualifying format is a FOUR LAP AVERAGE

✔️ The start and restarts are controlled by the leader who may go anytime after the pace car exits the track. 

✔️ Restarts are single file with lapped cars potentially mixed in (until 10 to go). Passing low before start / finish will earn a black flag and most people will be up against the wall, so patience on the restarts is advised. 

✔️ More than most races the "accordion effect" on restarts can be very profound. To minimize that we advise that drivers maintain a .2 second gap to the driver in front of them and only accelerate when the car in front goes. 

✔️ Lapped cars will be mixed in with lead lap cars on restarts (except with 10 or less laps to go). If you are near the front of the line and do not feel you have a car that can hang up there, please pit to get yourself shuffled to the back. 

✔️ Snaking or Weaving the straights is allowed, but any incidents resulting from erratic maneuvers may me penalized. 

✔️ When entering and exiting pit lane, stay in the far right lane as long as possible so that competitors may be able to see their pit box and can use the middle lane for merging. 

✔️ When exiting the pits (under green flag) drivers must keep all 4 tires below the line through the access road. 

✔️ When entering the pits the access road does NOT need to be used.  

✔️ Bump Day - Drivers who Pre-Qualify in positions in 26 thru 40 (pro1 or sport 1) will participate in a Bump Day style shootout on Race Day immediately before Race Day Qualifying to determine the final eight spots in the Top Split. 

 | Registered Drivers