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1957 - 2021
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John King is Majors Legacy Hall Inductee… Number 1. He is the only member of the class of 2021 will forever be remembered for how much he shaped the series and so many of the drivers in it. 

John's first race was the 2018 Classic Daytona 2.4 and his final race was the 2020 1968 United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. In total he ran 39 races, 39 straight races. 

In those races John earned TWO Iron Man Awards (and was on his way to a 3rd) 

He racked up 7 top 5’s and he won two races, the 2018 Daytona 500 in just his second series start and he won the 2019 Nurburgring 2.4 in his beloved Kia. 

John also won two International Region Legends Championship. All told, John was a very solid driver… but that’s not why he’s being inducted into Legacy Hall.

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As a team owner for Kinetic, he won SIX Pro division team titles. He won a team title in all three regions (nobody else has won more than one region). His International squad had never lost the region, winning 4 in row from 2018 thru 2021. 

His team drivers have won an incredible 65 races which is an astounding 47 more than the next closest team. His team drivers have also won a record six Mario Andretti trophies including sweeping all the regions in 2020. 

​To say that John has been the most successful team owner is massive understatement, but that is not why he is being inducted into Legacy Hall. 

No, John is our first inductee because of who he was. In 2017 I began asking for John’s advice and help with the plan for a world wide Majors Series. He didn’t hesitate to help. I was a friend and to John, that is just what you do. And John, being John, he had a lot of friends..

So we try to honor him appropriately, and though it won’t be enough, I hope it makes him happy, but also maybe a little mad at all the fuss we are making. 

John’s #6 is now retired from all regions, The Pro Legends Championship now bears his name and his Karting logo and name adorn the very first Legacy Coins. 

His favorite adjective was “awesome”. Yes John… you are. 


This video was created by current and former members of the Kinetic and Black Adder racing teams. This was played at John's memorial and is a fitting tribute for a man who loved Le Mans and loved his teams. 

Video Credit - Robin Rosenvinge

John won two races in his Majors tenure and this some footage from those races along with his post race interviews. Listen to the second interview (Daytona 500) and you will understand what "selfless, team player" really means.