2021 legacy day


WHEN | December 11th, 2021

Legacy Day is the official close of the 2021 Season and exists to celebrate and honor the achievements of the season just concluded.  Read more about the Legacy Program.



The Day kicks off at 8:00 pm GMT with the 100 lap IRON WARRIOR demo derby at North Wilkesboro. Only drivers who competed in all 14 races during the year are invited. This year... 47 Iron Men made the grade and will be competing for the Terry Labonte Iron Man Diecast. 


The Top 50 drivers from both Pro and Sportsman across all three regions are invited to the Playoffs. It was an uphill climb to get here and it will be uphill climb to win. 

Drivers will be tackling Mount Washington in their rallycross cars. Part hillclimb, part Predator and the Top six Pro and Top six sportsman drivers on the day get their charities added to the race roster for 2022.

🏆 awards & hall of fame 

Immediately following the playoffs, everyone is encouraged to join us on zoom as we recognize all our champions and top performers from 2021. 

We will recognize top 3 in every division in every region, we will recognize our Iron Men and we will reveal the best screenshot, best broadcast moment and our people choice award. 

The final act of the 2021 season will see the  grand opening of the Hall of Fame and the induction of our very first hall member... John King.

☑️ Your vote matters 

We have an amazing community and we want to recognize some of the more intangible things that make the Majors what it is. Best part... you get to help us do it

☑️ Best Screenshot of the Year - 
Below you will see a gallery of images.

☑️ Best Broadcast Moment of the Year -


☑️  Most Helpful Competition Committee Member - 

☑️ People's Choice Award - 


Click on an image below to open them up to large size, scroll through and take note of your favorite.