Date |  June 4th & 5th

Track | Le Mans

Cars(s) | Porsche 919 LMP1, Audi R18 LMP1, Dallara P217 LMP2, Corvette C8.R, Ferrari 488 GTE, Ford GTE, Porsche 911 RSR

Eligibility | Road Class D and above
Fair Share | ON (iRacing Default)

Race Length |  24 hours 

Cautions | ON (Top Split Only)

Start | Rolling

Team Roster | 2-8
Fast Repair | 0

Target Split Size | 54


Race & Practice
Dynamic Weather

Sim Date | Jun 12th

Sim Time |
Open Practice | 2:00 pm
Green Flag | 3:00 pm

Track State | 0%


Air Temperature | 70

Atmosphere | 55

Skies | Clear

Time of Day | 2:00 pm

Wind Speed| 2 N

Track State | 100%

📅 SCHEDULE (all times GMT)

Saturday, June 5th
OPEN Practice | 24/7
Pre Qualifying | Every three hours (Saturday thru Friday)

2:00 AM, 5:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM
8:00 PM & 11:00 PM


⚠️ Wednesday, June 9th
11:59 pm Team Registration Deadline.

⚠️ Friday, June 11th
11:59 pm Pre Qualifying CUT OFF.

Saturday, June 12th
12:00 PM | Open Practice
12:15 PM | Grid Photo
12:20 PM | Qualifying (LMP2 and GTE)
12:45 PM | Hyperpole (LMP1 Top Split Only)
01:00 PM | Green Flag


 | Results



BEST livery


 | Broadcast

 | More Specifics...

✔️ Entry Fee

Any team is welcome to run in the Majors 24 FOR FREE. 
Optionally, teams can pay a $25 entry fee. (that fee covers all drivers on a single team). 

✔️  What does the entry fee get you?

1. Top Split / Broadcast | GSRC will be covering the Top Split and only paid teams are eligible for the broadcast split. (paid entrants are NOT guaranteed a place in the Top Split, only the opportunity)
Prizes | Physical Trophies, Medals and other prizes will be awarded in all splits. Only paid teams are eligible to receive prizes. 
Helping out! | As you can imagine, running an event like this is expensive, from the; broadcast to the hosting to the prizes, it adds up and the entry fees help offset those costs. 


Teams who wish to be considered for the Top Split must pay before 11:59 pm on Wednesday, June 9th. 



✔️  Splits & Split Sizes

We expect hundreds of teams and multiple splits, every team that registers and puts in a qualifying time will be included on Race Day. Each split will be a separate hosted session and will have a unique password. The Splits will be named; “Split 1”, Split 2” etc. and will be staggered by one minute each to make it easier for drivers to find their assigned split.

The target split size is 54 cars. For the Top split, this will be; 

10 LMP1
20 LMP2
24 GTE


For all other splits the classes will be divided as evenly as possible. Teams average qualifying time must be within 104% of the Pole sitter in their class or they will be demoted to the next split. 

In order to be considered for the Top Split a team must register and pay by 11:59 pm GMT on Wednesday, June 9th.


✔️  Pre Qualifying

Pre Qualifying will be used to determine the split assignment.

Each team will average the times of their TOP 3 drivers during Pre Qualifying. If a team only has 2 drivers Pre Qualify then both times will be used, but those teams may not add additional drivers to the roster and must only race with two drivers. 

TOP 3 Drivers on each team MUST race, failure to race will result in a 10 lap, post race penalty. 
A driver can withdraw anytime before the end of Pre-Qualifying. 

Pre Qualifying will be available from Saturday, June 5th thru Friday, June 11th, every three hours, eight times per day. 

Pre Qualifying will be a 1 hour long, solo qualifying session with a “best of 4” format.

Pre Qualifying results will be posted on the Majors Series website a couple times per day. 

✔️  Cautions / FCY / Safety Cars

The Top Split will feature full course yellows controlled by live admins. (More info coming)
All other splits will NOT have full course cautions. 


✔️  Prizes

All Podium finishing teams in ALL splits will receive a PHYSICAL award. Other prizes will be awarded; 

Team Clean - fewest incidents
Hard Charger - most places gained from starting position. 
Best Livery - (as voted on by competitors)
Best Screenshot - (as voted on by competitors)
Best highlight clip - (as voted on by competitors)
And more...


✔️ LMP1 Class

While the Hypercar replaces the LMP1 in WEC, the LMP1 is still a fitting Top Class car that continues to challenge teams from an engineering and driving perspective. 

The LMP1 class is meant to be special and will be limited to just 10 teams in the Top Split and the prizes for LMP1 will be more prestigious. 


✔️ Event Communication

All PRE RACE communication from the Race Directors to the teams will ONLY go to the person who is designated as the “Contact Person” on the registration form. That person will be responsible for disseminating the information to their teammates. 

There is a Majors 24 channel in the Majors Series Discord for question and answer as well as general conversation surrounding the event.