The Majors Team Endurance Championship (MTEC) is a sports car endurance series focusing on Pro/Am level teams and featuring Full Course Cautions. Broadcast by our friends at GSRC.



GT3 Cars – 75% Fuel Capacity
BMW M4 GT3, Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO, Mercedes AMG GT3, Porsche 911 GT3 R (+5 kg)

GT4 Cars – 60% Fuel Capacity
BMW M4 GT4, McLaren 570S GT4, Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR

TCR Cars – 60% Fuel Capacity 
Audi RS 3 LMS (95% engine power)




The following Class Regulations with respect to eligible drivers and drive times will be in effect for the 2021-2022 MTEC Season 2 Championship:



* You can appeal a driver classifications HERE

* Drive Time shall be based on Laps Completed. Teams not meeting the Drive Time requirements shall be reclassified by the number of laps that would have been needed to meet the required percentages.

In the GT4 Car Class, a Maximum of 2 Gold Drivers are permitted, but 1 Silver or Bronze Driver is Required.
In the TCR Car Class, only 1 Gold Driver is permitted per entry.


Teams must consist of a Minimum of 2 Drivers and a Maximum of 4 Drivers.

Teams that start the season with less than 4 Drivers may add a driver at any time, providing they comply with the eligibility based on licensing for their Car Class.

Teams may replace any member of a Team ONCE per Season. Drivers replaced by a Team cannot re-join that Team, or join another Team overseen by a Group or a Team with Multiple Entries for the remainder of the Season.
Racing Groups or Teams with Multiple Entries in the MTEC Series are permitted to make 1 substitution for the Season of a driver on a Team Entry to another one of their Entries for a Single Race.  That substitution must meet the licensing requirements for the Class of Car being driven by the Team. A form for this substitution will be available on the MTEC Website.

Only Drivers who have competed in at least 1 MTEC Series Event, and have been classified in the final standings as per League rules may participate in the Final Round of the Championship.

Driver Substitutions or Registrations that are unapproved, or occur after the established deadline, will result in the Disqualification of the Entry and removal from the Race Server.

Car Number Selection will be as Follows:
   GT3 Cars    00-99
   GT4 Cars    100-199
   TCR Cars    200-299

The only exception is the reigning Overall Champion from the Previous Season has the right of first refusal on the #1.

Entries into the MTEC Series must complete the entire season in the Car Class and Manufacturer used in the first
Official Session (Practice or Pre-Qualifying) attended by that Team.

The following Championships will be contested during the MTEC Season:

•    Overall Championship – Open to All Classes
•    GT4 Pro – GT4 Teams with at least 1 Gold Licensed Driver
•    GT4 AM – GT4 Teams with Silver and Bronze Drivers
•    TCR Pro – TCR Teams with 1 Gold Licensed Driver
•    TCR AM – TCR Teams with Silver and Bronze Drivers