Date | March 5th, 2022

Track | Silverstone (Grand Prix)

Cars(s) | By Class

GT3 Class: BOP - 75% Fuel Capacity

BMW M4 GT3, Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO, Mercedes AMG GT3, Porsche 911 GT3 R

 GT4 Class: BOP - 60% Fuel Capacity 

BMW M4 GT4, McLaren 570S GT4, Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR

 TCR Class: BOP - 50% Fuel Capacity

                    Fuel Cap Dropped from 60%

                                 95% Engine Power 

Audi RS 3 LMS


By Round BOP Adjustments:

(+15kg) Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR


Race Length |  6 hours (360 min)

Cautions | Split #1: Cautions Active

Start | Rolling

Incident Cap | 40 + Every Subsequent 10

 Penalty Issued | Drive Through 

Minimum Practice Laps | NONE

Pre Qualifying | 2 Drivers MUST Pre Qualify

**Drivers who Pre Qualify MUST race and meet minimum drive times.

Target Split Size | NA


Race & Practice
Dynamic Weather

Sim Date | September 17th, 2022

Sim Time |
Open Practice | 11:30 am
Green Flag | 1:30 pm

Track State | 25% (Session Open State)


Air Temperature | 73 °F / 23 °C

Relative Humidity | 59%

Skies | Partly Cloudy

Time of Day | 11:30 am

Wind Speed | W, 14 mph / 23 km

Track State | 100%



⚠️ Pre Qualifying Sessions 

6:00am UTC on Wednesday Feb 9, 2022

Race Date: Saturday March 5, 2022

(March 4th, 2022 Australia/Asia)

Session Launch Time: 17:00 GMT

Session Grid Time: 19:00 GMT

 | Race Specific Rules

Pre Qualifying: Participation in Pre Qualifying is mandatory for at least 2 drivers from each team. For GT4 and TCR teams at least 1 driver must be an Am rated competitor (Silver or Bronze license). The best single lap from both drivers will be averaged together and this will set your Pre-Qualifying time which determines the splits.


107% Rule: All drivers must show capability to perform within 107% of their class leading car throughout official practice and/or Pre Qualifying sessions. Any drivers unable to meet this requirement may be ineligible to compete in that week's race.


Live Protests: You may file a live protest during the race which will be reviewed and handled by race control. Race control will assess any penalties necessary during the race. However if an incident is borderline and needs a more thorough review, or race control is unable to review a protest before the end of the race they will be looked at post race. Any protests viewed post race may be handled via a post race time penalty or enforcement of a justifiable penalty at the following event.


2nd split protests should be submitted post race and will be handled accordingly


Contingency Logos & Car Numbers: Be sure your team liveries are fitted with the appropriate mandatory contingency logos you can find on the MTEC page of the Majors website as well as your team's car number is set to the car number you are assigned on the registration page. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the appropriate penalty as determined by league officials.

Team Entry Cancellation: Teams may cancel their registration for an event they are registered for up to 4 hours before the stated Gridding time for that event. A cancellation received after this time or not received at all will be counted as a "no-show" and will result in an appropriate penalty as determined by league officials.


The rule book has been updated: It has been rewritten to remove some redundancies and to be more streamlined and easier to understand. Some importance aspects moving forward to note are as follows: Race control now has more agency when deciding penalties for live protests. They will use their judgment to administer 5, 10, 15, or 20 second penalties to be added post race should they determine a drive through or stop and hold would be too harsh of a punishment for the incident in question.


Demerits have also been simplified: Demerits are given to any driver deemed at fault for an incident or for violating a rule or policy otherwise. Drivers will receive 1 to 3 demerits based on the severity of their mistake/actions. For example. 1 demerit will be the most common decision as it will be given out to any driver who's violation was simply a consequence of circumstances and an honest mistake. 2 demerits will be given for incidents where it is clear a driver got caught up in the heat of the battle and didn't use their best judgment to recognize their surroundings and situation to better avoid a negative outcome. 3 demerits will be given for particularly egregious actions and violations that clearly cross a line into the unreasonable. More demerits may be given for even further extreme behavior but let's hope we never have to worry about that.


Once a driver has 8 active demerits they are banned from the next MTEC event. However you can drop demerits by simply competing in an MTEC race without receiving further demerits.