mtec rules

  1. Eligibilty
    1.1 MTEC is open to all current iRacing members

  2. Registration
    2.1 Teams and Team members must be registered for the series at least 24 hours prior to any race in order to be included in that race.
    2.2 Each driver who competes for a team must have a
    season pass that includes MTEC. 
    2.3 Event Registration
    may be required if multiple splits are expected. 

  3. Broadcast 
    3.1 All Top Split Races will be broadcast on the Global Sim Racing Channel (GSRC)

  4. Team Paints / Liveries
    4.1 GSRC will use Trading Paints to display Team Paints on the broadcasts. 
    Custom Paint Policy is in effect. Teams found in violation maybe restricted from being on the broadcast. 

  5. Driver Classification
    Driver Value (DV) is the primary method of ranking drivers who have competed in the Majors Series (4 races minimum). Qualifying speed, Finishing position & CPI are the factors that make up DV.  (See the Driver Values Ranking Here)

    Drivers without a DV will be classified based on iRating. The Majors Competition Committee reserves the right to re-classify a driver based on any available objective data, most drivers will remain assigned based on DV or iRating.


  6. Team Rules
    6.1 A team may have between two and four drivers registered. 
    Pro/Am Teams - If a Platinum driver is paired with at least one Bronze driver (and no Silver) then the Bronze driver(s) must run at least 40% of the race distance (in laps). If a Platinum driver is paired with any Silver drivers then the Am driver(s) must run at least 60% of the race distance.
    If a team fields Gold driver(s) they can be paired with either Silver or Bronze driver(s), but Am driver(s) must complete at least 40% of the race distance.
    Pro / Am teams may run in either the LMP2 or GTE classes
    6.3 Am Teams - On Am teams no driver may complete more than 60% of the race distance. A team with only Am drivers may run in GT4 or in GTE (competing against the Pro / Am teams)
    6.4 If a team does not meet the minimum drive time for any driver or set of drivers their total laps completed will be reduced by the number of laps they were short and they will be scored behind any other teams who completed the same number of laps. 
    6.5 Teams may add drivers as needed during the season until they reach 4 drivers. 
    6.6 If a team has reached 4 drivers, but need to replace  an inactive driver, they may do so ONCE during the season. 


  7. Qualifying
    7.1 The Race may split if there are more than 54 registered teams. 
    7.2 The Top split will have at minimum 39 teams (13 from each class)
    7.3 The top 5 teams in the standings (from each class) will be "locked in" to the top split for the following race. 
    7.4 In the case where multiple splits are expected, detached, pre-race qualifying will determine the splits. 
    7.5 When no split is expected Qualifying will be attached to the race session
    7.6 Qualifying will be 60 minutes, Lone Qualifying, best of 4 laps.
    7.7 The driver who qualifies the team, is NOT required to start the race. 


  8. Points Table (per class)

    Place    Points
    1    46
    2    39
    3    36
    4    34
    5    32
    6    31
    7    29
    8    28
    9    27
    10    25
    11    24
    12    23
    13    22
    14    21
    15    20
    16    19
    17    18
    18    17
    19    16
    20    15
    21    14
    22    13
    23    12
    24    11
    25    10
    26    9
    27    8
    28    7
    29    6
    30    5

    There are no drop weeks the MTEC Series.


  9. Officiating
    9.1 Live Admins will be in each race session to facilitate caution periods, enforce minimum speeds and to keep the peace. 
    9.2 Admins will not clear sim generated black flags.
    9.3 Admins will note incidents and review them post-race.
    9.4 Drivers may also submit protests using normal Majors Protest Protocol.


  10. License, Infractions & Penalties
    10.1 Drivers must maintain a valid Majors license (less than 12 demerits) to be eligible for MTEC events. 
    10.2 Protestable infractions and their tiers are outlined in section 10.2 of the Majors Series Rule Book.
    10.3 Penalty points are levied based on the "tier" of the infraction (1-5) 


  11. Full Course Cautions
    Yellow flags will be thrown by a race official after a pre-determined number of incidents have been accrued by the "field". This number will only be known by officials and not participants. Once the yellow flag is thrown, drivers will follow the instructions of the "in sim" race control. 

    After the caution period has ended the incident counter will reset and another caution(s) may occur if the threshold is reached again. 


  12. Starts
    12.1 The LMP2 leader may go anytime after the pace car exits the track. 
    12.2 GTE & GT4 leaders should maintain a 10 second gap to the last place car in the next class. 
    12.3 GTE & GT4 leaders should go on the green flag. 


  13. Restarts
    13.1 Restarts are single file with all cars maintaining their position in line. 
    13.2 The classes will be mixed on restarts and drivers are required to maintain a 1 second gap to the car in front. 
    13.3 The overall leader may go anytime after the pace car exits the track.
    13.4 After the green flag, passing is legal and expected prior to the S/F line.


  14. Blocking & Blue Flags
    14.1 Blocking is not allowed and is defined as making more than one move for defensive position AND/OR making reactionary moves in response to an attacking driver.
    14.2 Blue Flags (intra class) in the MTEC series should be honored as soon as is reasonably safe to do so. Failure to do so can be protested under the "blocking" provision in the rules.
    14.3 When a faster class is approaching a slower class, the slower class car is expected to maintain their normal racing line.


  15. Authority
    The Majors Series, its Officials and Admins reserve the right to alter the event rules and regulations to suit any special or unforeseen situation. All decisions by said Officials or Admins are final and are not subject to appeal or protest. These general rules may be modified in part to suit a particular race.