poster Showcase

Posters and races simply, "feel" right, they belong together.  Posters can add excitement and hype for the race, but they are also truly art, art that can transport us back in time to the race itself. The best posters not only tell the story of the race, but of the era in which it existed.

Race posters have been a big part of the Majors Series since 2015 and while there was a dark void in 2021 with no new posters. In 2022 and beyond, they return. 


First Indy 500 Poster

2015 - 2016


2017 - 2018


2019 - 2020


Best of the best

2019 Indy 500


This poster was significant as it represents the 50th anniversary of Mario's lone Indy 500 win in 1969.

2020 Race of the netherlands


Major's first vistit to Zandvoort and the first TCR race.

2019 daytona 2.4


Maybe the most photogenic race in the world it demands a poster that stands out and this one does. 

2018 japanese GP


Simple concept, clean lines, feels right for a race in Japan.