The predator format is; UNIQUE, UNPREDICTABLE, INTENSE and EXCITING. The faster classes are handicaped and challenged to “hunt down” the slower class. Will the winner be the hunted or the hunters?


In the wild there are many types of Predators.

Alphas are the; biggest, baddest, meanest of the baddies. Pursuit Predators use speed and agility to track down their prey and the Ambush Predators employ cunning and guile to lure in their prey. 


In the Predator Challenge all three exist and they all exist to “catch” the others. Introducing the Predator Classes.

Alpha = Radical SR8
Pursuit = Audi RS 3 LMS
Ambush = Global Mazda MX5 Cup






📆 schedule

R1 | Silvertsone (legacy historic) | Apr. 17
R2 | Charlotte Roval | May. 22
R3 | Tsukuba 2000 | Jun. 26
R4 | Watkins Glen (classic boot) | Jul. 17
R5 | VIR (full) | Aug. 29

🏆 championships

While the ultimate objective of each race is to become the “Apex Predator” by winning the race outright. There are multiple championships supporting that overall goal. There is a points championship for each Predator Class, both Pro and Sportsman and for the overall championship.

Apex Predator | Overall Points Championship
Alpha Pro | Radical Class Championship
Alpha Sport | Radical Class Championship
Pursuit Pro | TCR Class Championship
Pursuit Sport | TCR Class Championship
Ambush Pro | MX5 Class Championship
Ambush Sport | MX5 Class Championship

Pro Drivers are either; Platinum / Gold rated or over 3000 road iRating
Sport Drivers are either; Silver / Bronze rated or under 3000 road iRating

general overview

Race Length |  90 minutes (converted to laps)
Cautions | OFF
Start | Rolling
Target Split Size | 54
Broadcast | Radillion TV


In each split there will be an equal number of Pro and Sportsman drivers and there will be handicaps for both Pro and Sportsman in each class. Handicaps for each race will be determined based on Pre-Qualifying. Ambush Sport will line up on the grid and every other class will start from pit lane after their time handicap has expired.

During the race drivers are not allowed to block or make reactionary moves to keep opponents behind them but they are allowed to run the preferred line at all times. The first car to complete the final lap, regardless of class, is the “Apex Predator” for that race.  

registration & fees

Drivers with ANY of the below passes are eligible to compete in the Predator Challenge.

Predator Season Pass$15 (one time fee)

Platinum Season Pass$7.99 (mo) (includes ALL MAJORS EVENTS)

Majors VIP Pass | $14.99 (mo) Includes; ALL MAJORS EVENTS & Majors Garage All Series Sub 

registered drivers