How it works

Ok ,so we know the faster cars are handicapped by time, but how does it all really work? 

➡️ Well, based on several factors we use a formula ( and no, not sharing it) to figure out what the race pace will be for the leaders of each class in each division. Based on that race pace we determine how long it will take to complete the race distance and from there we can calculate the time handicaps for each car. 

➡️ Handicaps will vary from race to race and will be published on Race Day. This is primarily to allow us to use all available lap data to calculate them. 

➡️ Each race, Ambush Sport drivers will take the grid at the end of qualifying and they are the only ones who will take to the grid. All other cars and divisions will wait in their pit stall until the time handicap has expired. 

➡️ While waiting in pit lane, you must wait IN YOUR BOX, this is to ensure that qualifying order is meaningful and leaves pit lane open for any drivers in slower classes who need to stop for repairs or to serve a penalty. 

➡️ We advise that you turn your engine off while waiting, to avoid fuel burn and overheating. 

➡️ While in your pit box, you should have your F1 black box up and you will be able to exit the pits at the exact release time communicated in the Race Day instructions. (Usually an official will announce the moment of release, but you can go at the designated release time, regardless)

➡️ RACING does not begin until AFTER crossing pit exit; one pit lane speeds are enforced and two, faster qualifiers should be able to exit the pits first. Exception - if someone does not leave their stall at the release time, you can pass them

➡️ Blocking is not permitted at any time during the race and is defined as any reactionary move in response to a trailing driver. That said, drivers are expected to run the preferred line and faster classes / cars should get by when they can. Traffic is factored into the handicaps. 

More on the Handicaps

Should be obvious that accurate handicaps are central and paramount to the success of the Predator Series. The handicap formula only works with good data and this data of course comes from competitor lap times. If we don't get enough information or the information is not genuine than that compromises the accuracy of the handicaps. To combat this we have the following protocol in place. 

➡️ Minimum Practice Laps, like the Majors Series itself drivers are required to put in a minimum number of laps in official league sessions. These sessions run from Wednesday to early on Saturday and are available all day. 

➡️ Pre Qualifying, the best case scenario is that we have multiple splits, forcing drivers to put in their best effort to make the top split. 

➡️ Sand Bagging, we WILL compare lap times in practice and qualifying to lap times in the Race itself. If someone is significantly quicker in the race then they were pre-race then they may well be disqualified for Sand Bagging.  Sand Bagging in this series is an offense on par with intentional wrecking.