Size Matters

Grid size that is.

The idea of having the largest grid possible is very exciting. Forty three cars in the draft at Daytona or 30 Dirt Late Models flying through the mud at Eldora sounds awesome. It really does.

My feeling has always been that the larger the grid, the more special the race can be. Problem is... the quality of racing isn't always as good as the idea. It is with that knowledge that we have established our "Maximum Grid Sizes" for 2018.

Road Endurance = 60 NASCAR = 30 Indycar = 30

V8 Supercar = 30

Short track oval = 20

F1 = 20

Dirt Oval = 15

We believe that an appropriate number of drivers on the grid, combined with the licensing system will have a very positive impact on just how clean the races can be.

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