State of the Series (Part 2)

Who owns the Majors Series? Most people would probably point to me, and while that is not wrong, I like to think it goes a bit deeper than that. It is important to me that all of our members are active owners in the series. That everyone feels like the success of the series rests on their shoulders, because, well... it does!

The next few articles will focus on how we can all help the series via; promotion, driver development, series administration and financially. Before we get into all that though, I want to thank a few of the people who have been instrumental in making the series happen.

The 2018 Competition Committee; Wayne Hutchison, Adam Young and John King. The amount of hours, energy and money these guys contribute the series is truly staggering. We talk almost daily and often for long periods of time about how we can make the series better. Their commitment is understated, but not undervalued by me. Thank you, so much!

Other members of the committee; Mike Smith, Jason Fleischli, Jimbo Pfeiffer, Ethan Moore and Chris Beck. These guys have served their time and yet continue to offer help, insight and ideas.

2018 Officials; This year we have taken a more low key approach with our officials, and most of the time you don't even realize they are there, but these guys help to ensure that things run smoothly on race day. Thank you; Chris Pence, Dan Garber, Jeremy Morrison, Joshua Wolf, Samuel Doughty, Stefan Schlacher and Travis Henderson.

Season Pass Holders; Too many to list individually, but you LITERALLY make the series possible. Thank you!

So, what are some ways you can exercise ownership in the series? Today's topic is promotion and whether you are outgoing or not, there are so many ways to promote the series and your activity in it. I don't expect anyone to do all of these, but ask that everyone do what you can!

Word of mouth referrals are the most important and effective way to bring new drivers into the series. If you enjoy the series and speak highly of it, others will join you.

If you use Facebook, I would recommend joining any number of great groups;

iRacing Down Under, iRacing Drivers World, iRacing Leagues, Sim Racers are just a few. These are good resources and hang outs in and of themselves, and hopefully you will get a lot out of them. That said, people are regularly asking their peers for recommendations on Leagues... let your opinion be known.

Twitter, anytime I see a tweet promoting your involvement in the series, I smile a big ol' smile. Let's take that to the next level, if you are tweeting about; a race, your team, a practice session or whatever. Tag us! @Majors_Series, even better, tag @iracing as well and we since we simulate the biggest races in the world, you can always tag that particular race or organization. For example if you can tag @24hoursoflemans when talking about your race prep, or streams for the upcoming Majors 24h.

Hash tags help too, #simracing, #esports #iracing are just a few.

The iRacing forums are another great place to help promote the series. You can do it subtly with a "signature banner" like this one...

Share the YouTube Race Broadcasts. The broadcasts aren't just good, they are fantastic. Did you know that people seeing the broadcasts is the second most likely reason for them to join the series?

Our broadcasts this year have been viewed about 24,000 times on YouTube and while that is ok, I truly believe it should be 10 times that number and growing. Each round we post the links to the broadcasts all over. I would ask that you share the link; on your Facebook, on twitter, in any groups you participate in and anywhere else you can think of. Many of our races have been more compelling with more battles and better racing than what you can find on an "In Real Life" broadcast and yes, I stand by that statement.

Help us show the world.

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