War for 24

While most teams encountered trouble and challenges, most also survived and crossed the line after 24 hours, champions of the spirit of Le Mans. An amazing twenty four of the starting 30 were there at the end, some in better shape than others, but they were there nonetheless.

The select few who would avoid calamity throughout were able to find themselves fighting for a podium or even a win.

In LMP2 and GTE, it was Torque Freak Racing who best mastered the track and their minds as they swept those two classes and as result receive full entry into the 2019 Majors Series, season passes and all.

The Arnage team battled Team MAD all race, but in the end had enough and little more to hold off their European region rivals.

The Raidillon team owned the GTE class, ending four laps clear of 2nd place RoadBasterds.

As for LMP1... 12 teams took to the grid, the best 12 teams in the constructor standings all were chasing the coveted overall Le Mans victory, the $500 first prize and the honor of earning Pole position for their region when they meet again in the Champions Finale in December.

In the end it was Grizzly vs Kinetic and Audi vs Porsche in the kind of battle we all long for. The 24h became the 420... as in Four Hundred and Twenty laps. And when all was said and done, a mere 33 seconds separated 2nd place from 1st. In context... the front two were within 1.4 seconds PER HOUR raced or 8/100ths of a second PER LAP run.

The winners? The Grizzly Motorsports team of; Cordell Colon, Travis Henderson, Treavor Vavrosky, Dawson Brock and led by owner Joshua Wolf. They had just enough cunning and speed to hold off a hard charging Workiva Kinetic #83 (Pacific Region)

We now know the grid order for the Majors Champions Finale on December 1st.

Pole - European Champ 2nd - Pacific Champ

3rd - Atlantic Champ

4th - International Champ


Other notes from the race.


All in all the race was huge success, of the 30 teams that started the race, 24 finished. By and the large the racing was clean and the drivers had a great time. Here are a few comments...

"Great job guys and what a brilliant show all the teams put on again. I said this about 500 posts ago on Discord but there was awesome sportsmanship and respect happening as well" ~John King

"I just want to thank the people behind the Major Series. this event and all that I have run with you this year have set the benchmark for how a league or series should be run. This event was a massive effort and it went very well from my seat. And to my fellow drives, a big thank you as well. The racing out there was some of the best I have seen as well. When I consider that it was 24 hours with so many drivers coming in and out, the driving was just outstanding. Competitive, Cut Throat and yet still respectful."

~Shaun Cole

"Thanks to those who put this race on was great fun race. Also great driving standards p1 drivers didn't divebomb and were patient through certain parts of the track thanks to everyone involved"

~Jo Homan

"Thanks to everyone involved for putting this race on, it was my first team event and first 24-hour race on iRacing. I had a great time. Thanks to @RutgersKev for giving me a shot and @Steve Driscoll for allowing me to moonlight with another team for this special event. Stoked I got to run the Le Mans 24!" ~Adam Facciponti

"Thanks for giving us independents the opportunity to participate in this great race. Very very appreciated! And thanks all for great racing" ~Petr Vostrel

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