With just two rounds to go in the season, the finish line is coming into view. After 12 rounds all four regions are still undecided, but all four leaders have a chance to clinch the Mario Andretti Championship this week at Bathurst.

International Region -

It looks very likely that we will be crowning a champion as Josh Noack can clinch with a 29th or better at Bathurst. In fact, by simply starting the race everyone except Duane Burns is eliminated from contention.

European Region -

Three drivers are still alive for the crown. Pete Harrod can clinch with a win at Bathurst or by finishing 10th or better at Myrtle Beach in the final. Only Teemu Toika and Markus Niskanen are still alive, they need to win out and get some help.

Atlantic Region - Deep into the Japanese Grand Prix it appeared that the final two races would be a Turn One Heroes battle royale for the title, but it was not to be. Riley Thompson faltered in the closing stages and Mike Kelley added enough gap that he is now fully in control of his destiny. A win at Bathurst will seal the championship, but failing that, he only needs a 7th or better at Myrtle Beach to keep that control. Riley is still in contention, but only just.

Pacific Region -

Similar to the Atlantic Region, everything has been amping up to a Reynolds vs Challiner heavyweight match to close out the season. Christian has been slowing chipping away at Blake's lead and with a good race at Suzuka he could have been close to level. Misfortune struck and Blake did everything he could to take advantage.

Reynolds can now clinch his first Mario Andretti Drivers Championship in style by winning the Bathurst 500. Even if he comes up short, he will just need a 15th or better at Myrtle Beach to be assured of the title.

Four drivers on the championship doorstep, will they walk through it??

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