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One week away from the final event of the 2018 season, the Champions Charity Finale and the drivers signed up have chosen some amazing charities to race on behalf of.

The Majors Series has always felt it important give back and to be a part of something bigger, that is why we started the Charity Finale to begin with. Last year we ran several races in support of various charities and to me, it seems like that is something you all enjoyed.

So in 2019 we are going to take that to another level and make it a formal part of our program. Each race on the calendar will be run on behalf of a charity, but how will we choose? Each of the following will get to select a charity for one race on the 2019 schedule.

- Mario Andretti Drivers Champions (4) - Constructors Champion Team Owners (4) - Champions Charity Finale Podium (3) - Majors 24h Podium Team Owners (3)

Now bringing awareness to these charities is great and wonderful, but raising money is where it's really at.

In 2019, extra qualifying sessions (beyond the first) will have a fee. That fee is $3 per attempt and each driver is allowed up to two extra attempts each round. That money will be split 50 /50 between running the series and donations to the charity.

Very excited to see what charities are chosen!

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