"Constructing" a Dynasty

"What is the award you most want to win in the Majors?"

The obvious choice is undoubtedly the Mario Andretti Champion Driver of the Year, but in truth the most coveted prize may actually be the Constructors Championship. Speed, skill, dedication, teamwork, strategy and fortune are all required, the drivers bound together with many roles, but only one mission... be the best. In the; Atlantic, European and International Regions the winning team was of course a newly crowned, but in the Pacific would we see another new champion or a full fledged dynasty?

Kinetic Racing may have been new to the Majors in 2018, but there was nothing "rookie" about their performance. Led by veteran team owner John King, Kinetic took the series by storm and best utilized the multi-regional component to their advantage. Kinetic had a strong presence in all the regions, but especially so in the Pacific and International. They so dominated the International region that three of the top four drivers in the Pro Division were Kinetic and while the main team cruised to the championship, the junior team finished a very solid 2nd.

The European Region had the closest battle for the Constructors Championship, with points lead changing hands multiple times during the season and even in the final few rounds. In the end it came down to two teams; Bombshell Motorsports vs Grizzly Motorsports. Grizzly was the bigger and deeper team, but Bombshell finished with three drivers in the top 5 and three individual wins (two by team owner Eric Micke) and that was enough to put them over the top. Grizzly didn't walk away empty handed though as they did take the checkered flag at Le Mans in June.

Turn 1 Heroes might be more appropriately named "Last Lap Legends" as they finished the year with the top two drivers in the Pro standings and enough complete team heroics to hold off vApex Racing for the Atlantic Region title. Although finishing 600 points adrift, vApex did have a stellar season with five individual wins, most of any team in the region.

In the Pacific Region the heavyweights really did come to fight. The challengers were lined up and looking strong from the outset; Elite West, Ridin' Shotgun, DogBear and Mountain West had faced this task before, they knew what they were up against. New comers; Kinetic Racing, Unorthodox Motorsports and Precision Motorsports were soon to find out.

For two years Alliance Racing had thwarted all comers, with an ever intensifying challenge, could they pull off the three-peat? The answer was of course yes.

As the year progressed the challengers were knocked out, one by one until it was just Alliance vs Kinetic for the belt and although Alliance Racing led from flag to flag, the in between was anything but simple, and there were multiple times it appeared they could be in real trouble.

While Kinetic best mastered the regional aspect of the series, Alliance was the master of utilizing the full depth of their team as they often dipped into the Evolution team for bench strength. Team owner Jason Fleischli was the maestro and he played the "next man up" symphony of musical chairs flawlessly.

As the dust settled on the season, Alliance was once again left alone at the top. 2016, 2017 and now 2018 Constructors Champions.

A true dynasty.

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