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As our sport grows up and matures, seemingly small things like the use of; logos, trademarks, word-marks and the like become a "bigger deal". IRacing has decided (and rightfully so) to err on the side of caution with regard to their paint policy, especially when it comes to broadcasts on their channel, the iRacing Esports Network (IESN).

Originally we decided to take the path of least resistance and keep our broadcasts on the channels of our broadcast partners (SimSpeed, RaceSpot and GSRC), so that we could maintain the status quo as far as paints were concerned.

That decision would not last long.

We are fortunate to partner with the best broadcasting companies in all of sim-racing and it's no surprise that iRacing has made them all network partners as well. What was a little surprising (and humbling) is that iRacing asked our partners to feature The Majors on the IESN for 2019. Now, we could have said no, but really it is an excellent opportunity to cement our place as a premier series and I personally felt it would be wrong to run from the chance. As a result, I am excited to announce that ALL our races from ALL our regions will be broadcast live on the IESN. In context, the Majors will be on the IESN for more hours than all of the world championship series COMBINED.

With this opportunity comes responsibility and we will need to adhere to iRacing's custom paint policy. What this means in short... ( you can read section 8.9 of the rulebook for additional clarity)

The broadcasters WILL NOT be using Trading Paints to load skins during the race. They will rely on us supplying a folder containing all the custom paints for that particular race. If you want a custom skin to appear on the broadcast you will need to do a couple things; confirm that you have permission to use any logos on your car and upload your car file(s) in (TGA format) on the Majors Paint Shop Page. (still a work in progress as of this writing).

The paint folder will be made available to everyone the day before the races. If you do not wish to bother with uploading paints, you can of course use iRacing's Paint shop and those skins will automatically be visible on the broadcasts.

I have already started and will continue to reach out to many motorsports and simracing companies to gain, league wide, blanket permission to use their logos.

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