Super Weekend?

Five rounds on the 2019 Majors schedule are set to run on the same weekend as an iRacing official special event. Those races are;

Daytona 24

12 hours of Sebring

Indy 500

Le Mans

Spa 24h

Now, this idea was mine, so; good, bad or ugly, I own it. In my mind I have billed these events as "Super Weekends", but several drivers have come to us with significant concerns about this plan and I acknowledge their points and concerns are more than valid.

I'd like to outline what I see as pros and cons of the plan and then would like to gather the feedback of the members.


- More efficient race prep. With the exception of Sebring all the Super Weekend races use the same car / track combos. You can prep for both events at the same time and not eat up a second full week working on the same race.

- No Direct overlap. While the events are on the same weekend, the Majors events are either before (International) or after (Euro & Americas) the iRacing event. Regardless of which stints a driver is running for their team they will still be able to compete in their chosen region for the Majors.

- Insurance Policy. Like it or not, less than 1/2 the teams that start the endurance races ever see the checkered flag. In many cases the race is over before some team members even turn a single lap. Having the Majors race on the same weekend can be a saving grace for the unfortunate ones.


- Exhaustion. Going to battle with your teammates for 24 hours takes a mental and physical toll. Adding another 2+ hours to that is really difficult.

- Weekend gone. The time commitment for a full length endurance race is really hard on family and work scheduling as it is. Adding another 2+ hours to that is really difficult.

Now, whether the Pros outweigh the Cons is up to each driver individually, but it is REALLY important to us that our decisions have a positive impact on participation, not a negative one. In that vein I have two favors to ask.

1. Run both races (or at least the Majors race) for the first round of the year. Even if you think it will be impossible; sign up and prepare for both. Test it out, see how tough it really is (or isn't)

2. Give us your feedback on how you feel now, and then after the race give us your feedback again.

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