Storybook season awaits...

January 1st... another year down, another page turned, but I am more interested in what is on the next page? What is the story of 2019 and who will write it?

Now, I’m not much of a resolution guy, but I am big on goals. For the Majors the goal is as simple as it is daunting, to be widely regarded as the most prestigious sim racing series on the planet. Our’s will not be the most lucrative series, but it can be the most rewarding.

We aim to meld motorsports and simracing in a way that the line is as blurred as is possible. That the history of the sport is revered and revelled in. That the future of the sport has; more fans, more heros and more stories. Stories that become legends and stories that create legends.

So I will ask again, what will be the story of 2019 and who will write it?

You will… I will… we ALL will.

In 2019 we will tell the story of the racing on track; the winners, the losers, the heartbreak, the dedication and the glory. In 2019 we will tell the story of those who need all our help, of the organizations that aim to lead that effort and of the people in our series affected by those issues. And finally, in 2019 we will tell the story of motorsports past, the history behind the races we choose to emulate is immense and compelling and should be told and heard as far and as wide as possible.

To start though, we need your help, we need you to tell your story.

Email us at

- Tell us about yourself, why you love racing, why you love sim-racing, your goals for the year, your training regimen, your team and more.

- Tell us your experiences with the real world race we are emulating? What are your memories? Who are your heroes?

- Have you are someone you care about been affected by cancer? This first race we are running in support of the American Cancer Society.

- Include photos of yourself, photos at the track, with your cars etc.

We all love racing, we all love the races, but what people REALLY care about is people.

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