OMG, the season kicks off this weekend!

While we've all been calmly (or not) preparing for the main season opener, it's been easy to forget that the support series happens the weekend before - in 5 days time as I write this.

The 1st round is the ROAR, using the same cars - Kia, Mustang and MX-5 - as the iRacing event, but with fixed sets (a slightly modified baseline for the Kia and the normal iRacing baselines for the other 2). The sessions will be 3 hours - 1hr 40mins of practice, 20 mins of qualifying and then a 1 hour race. Like normal Majors events, one spare car will be available.

Unlike the main events, no pre-registration or qualifying is required - just join the session (in he league pages) and have some fun. Only one server is available so it's 1st come, 1st served. CPI "bonuses" will be available.

The Kia setup is already published on the Discord server, support series channel.

See you on track!

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