Welcome to Race Week!

It's finally back, race week is here and one day earlier than last year.

For 2019, Race Week will begin at midnight pacific time on Saturday before the races. This is to give the International drivers a full 7 days of practice and to make sure there are two full weekend days for everyone to practice and qualify. You can see all the scheduled sessions here

As of now, the plan is to cut off official practice and qualifying 24 hours earlier than in years past so we can plan the splits and grids for all regions at the same time. We will see how much of an uproar this causes.

In order to be placed on the grid for the race the rules are similar to last year; Register, complete the minimum laps (30 this week) and make at least one qualifying attempt.

Qualifying is similar to last year with a couple adjustments. Weather for qualifying will be as constant as possible and set to; Air Temperature: 70 Wind Speed: 2 N Atmosphere: 55 Skies: Clear Time of Day: Afternoon Track State : 100%

This will be the qualifying weather for all races in 2019.

As for Qualifying attempts, each driver will get ONE free qualifying attempt during race week. If a driver would like to make a second attempt they can do so, but will be required to pay a $3 fee. Drivers will be allowed a maximum of TWO paid attempts per race week. The proceeds from the qualifying fees will be split evenly between the series and the charity who we are supporting that round ( the American Cancer Society in this case ).

As was the case last year, by making an additional qualifying attempt, all previous attempts are forgone. You keep your most recent attempt NOT your best attempt.

During the week if you want track your results you can see view them here - https://www.pacificmajors.com/live-qualifying

Those results are not updated in real time or automatically, but we do update regularly (usually a couple times per day).

Good luck this week!

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