The balloon made of lead..

As ideas go, this... surely was a winner. See, what you do is, you make a balloon out of lead and then you fly it. Oh, it won't fly... well crap.

That brings us to our next invention, the Super Weekend. Basically, we will run some Majors events on the same weekend as the iRacing official endurance special events. The below survey results tell the story well, the idea is unloved, like literally hated.

To the drivers credit, many of them gave it a try and some warmed up to the concept, a little, but the overall results were obvious, turnout for the opening round was lower than hoped for and I think the Super Weekend is largely the culprit.

The solution??? I am happy to announce that we have have worked with our broadcast partners and will be moving Le Mans and Spa. Le Mans will be one week later than originally planned and Spa will be 1 week earlier. The only downside is that Le Mans will now be held during week 13, but it will be one week closer to the IRL 24h and perhaps we will be the hot ticket during a week where there is often not a lot going on.

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