Kissing your sister

They say a tie is like kissing your sister, if so, what do you a call a race that ends with no winner?

The European Region Michigan 400 was more than a bit rough through 185 laps. There was more ebb than flow as cautions did in fact breed cautions. Drivers simply could not escape the pack... until they did and that is where things got really interesting.

Lap 187; Christian Challiner, Hayden Pastorius and Reidar Andresen have finally broken away and an epic 12 lap battle would ensue. As the laps ticked off the trio swapped places occasionally, encountered lapped cars, but were never separated by more than a fraction of a second. Challiner would (for the most part) maintain the point, but it was clear this race was anyone's to win.

Coming to the stripe for the final lap, Reidar dove low making it three wide for the lead, but he wasn't able maintain momentum on the bottom and now the race was down to two. Entering the backstretch, Hayden tracked out just a hair to far and made contact with Christian. Challiner wiggled, but saved it... disaster averted... briefly. As Christian gathered up the car he saw Pastorius looking low, Challiner moved to cover and here everything changes. Hayden had the momentum, would he lift? Would he move high? Would he move low? Or....

The throttle never blipped, the steering wheel never wavered... contact! Challiner would go around and Hayden would go onto cross the line first. It was an incredible finish, but it was not the end.

To his immense credit, Hayden has expressed sincere remorse for the incident, wishing only that Christian could be scored the winner, while gracious, that certainly wasn't an option, but what were the options? Given all the evidence and all the context available, it was decided that the result could not stand as is. So, for the first time in Majors history a race is scored without an official winner.

What was that about kissing your sister?

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