Fight to the finish

A quick glance at the standings might suggest with three rounds to go that the battles are over and the victories are at hand. While the competition for the Mario Andretti Drivers Championships and the Pro Team Championships, are being held together by duct tape and chewing gum, they ARE still alive, if only barely.

In Americas, five drivers are still mathematically alive (Thunhorst, Warling, Quinn, Clement and Smith), but that number WILL get smaller after Milwaukee. Only Thunhorst controls his destiny and with a combined 628 pts available to him via drops he will be extremely difficult to catch.

In Europe it's down to two drivers, Challiner vs Magnusson, but like Thunhorst, Challiner also benefits from a ton of available drop points. Mattias needs a clean sweep the last 3 races and must hope that Christian falters badly. The engraver is getting ready...

In International there are an amazing 12 drivers with hopes of lifting the hardware, but Cam Dance fully controls his destiny. After Milwaukee the number still alive will shrink by half or more, and Cam needs just one solid finish in the last two road races to secure the title.

The Pro Team Championships are likewise not officially over, but of the duo that is "done and dusted", only dusted still needs to show up to the party. Barring miracles, Kinetic Schwift will win International (2nd year in a row), Kinetic Europe will win Europe (dethroning Bombshell) and Alliance Racing will win Americas for an incredible 4th year in a row.

So what's left to fight for in the final three races of the 2019 season?

As it turns out... A LOT.

Americas Sportsman

Six drivers, separated by just 126 pts; Kyle Murphy and Samuel Scott have been trading the lead back and forth, but Peter Hebron, Mark Rediker, Rob Powers and Ernie Ludwig are all right in the mix.

European Team Sportsman

Black Tree Racecrew, Hanson Brothers Racing and Kinetic Europe Jnr are in a dogfight to see who comes out on top. Hanson Brothers have been charging of late, will they have enough to catch the steady Black Tree Racecrew, can Kinetic gather it back up, I suspect it will come down to the wire.

International Team Sportsman

RCD SimSports and MFRacing 1 have been locked in a battle all year long for the top of class. RCD has pulled out just a bit in recent weeks, but the gap is close enough that anything could still happen.

Iron Man, there are 44 drivers who have competed in all 11 races so far, just three more races to secure a spot in the Iron Warrior. For so many reasons the Iron Man is one of the toughest things to accomplish in Sim Racing, you are almost there!

Road to Le Mans, 15 teams will earn the right to run the LMP1 class at Le Mans in December. The bubble is occupied by 6 teams. Currently Can-Am and TDR Europe hold the last two spots, but any let up and they can get passed by; NorthWind-Puffin Racing, vApex Racing Group-Americas, Elite West Racing 2 or Misfit Motorsport Blue.

And finally the Champions Charity Playoffs, we've made few changes to the format, this is going to be a very special event, but that deserves its own article, stay tuned...

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