This is just personal opinion, but I found myself less and less interested in NASCAR after they instituted the Chase. Maybe just old school, but I prefer championships to be won by the best driver over the course of a season.

Sometimes that means they have lots of wins, sometimes that means they have no wins, but pre-chase, I don't think you can go back to any year and say that the champion wasn't the most deserving driver.

In the Majors Series our Mario Andretti Champions will ALWAYS be determined by a season long points battle. That said, with multiple regions and hundreds of drivers a season ending showdown is just a natural fit. And so we introduce to you, a re-imagined finale.

When the dust has settled at the conclusion of the Brazilian Grand Prix our newly crowned champions and many of their biggest rivals will have one last test to close out the season.


The top 50 drivers in the Pro Division Standings (all regions) will be invited to the PLAYOFFS, to be held on Saturday, December 14th. Each driver will be competing on behalf of a charity of their choice.

There will be three rounds to the playoffs and drivers must perform well to advance from round to the next. Since the races are short and the starting grids for round one are based on the final regular season standings, your chance of advancing are bolstered greatly by how well you performed all year. All three rounds are held on the 14th and will be contested, one immediately after the other until a Champion has been crowned.

With all that said, here is the official line up for the playoffs...

Quarter Finals | Road America | Xfinity | 25 Min

Fifty drivers will tackle Road America in the (free) Xfinity cars, but only 25 will advance to round 2. Get your road game on. Top 25 will also earn an incredibly important 2 race pro split provisional for the start of the 2020 season. With the lottery that is Daytona 500 qualifying... this provisional should be quite coveted.

Semi Finals | Iowa | Dallara IR18 | 50 Laps

Watching the Indycar rip around Iowa is a lot like watching a slot car race. Everything happens ultra quick, and at just 50 laps, that will include the race itself. Pedal down, head on a swivel, make the top 15. That is the mission. Not only will the Top 15 advance the Finals, but each will see their charity become the title charity for one of our 2020 events.

Finals | Iowa RX | RX

We've tested road skill, we've tested oval skill and now we test rally cross in a frantic finale... the Champions Charity Finale.

The 15 finalists will each run in one of two 8 lap heats. The Top 3 from each heat will advance to the Main Event. The 9 drivers who didn't qualify will move on to the Consolation race in which 2 drivers will make it through to the Main.

The Top 5 drivers in in the Main Event will earn (at minimum) a free season pass for 2020.

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