Deja vu all over again...

Ever walk into a room and have this overwhelming feeling that you had been there before? Even though you KNOW that you never have? I wonder if that is how Christian Challiner felt as he took the checkered flag this weekend at Milwaukee in the Euro Region Tony Bettenhausen 200.

The parallels between the 1963 race and the 2019 one are downright crazy.

Jim Clark vs Christian Challiner Country - British Age - Clark 27, Challiner 26 Pole - Both Laps Led - ALL 200 BOTH Lapped the field - Clark lapped everyone but AJ Foyt and Challiner lapped everyone!

If Clark was doubt he was smiling. After all, it was like... Deja vu all over again.

With his win, Clark literally ushered in a new era of racing with the rear-engined Lotus. With his win, Challiner locks in the 2019 Mario Andretti Champion Driver Award for the European region. He secures his first title with his 12th series win and it could not have come in a more fitting fashion. Congrats Mr. Clar... Mr. Challiner. You've made history, by repeating it.

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