The Great Race - Aussie style

Ask any Australian what the most important motor race of the year is and 99% will say the Bathurst 1000 - and the other 1% will say the Bathurst 12 hours.

The race concept started in 1960 but moved to Bathurst in 1963. The early races were for touring cars but since 1997 the race has been for V8 Supercars. Since then, the race has been a "holy ground" for the war that consumes most Australian car worshippers - are you a Ford or Holden fan? Holden have 33 wins, Ford 20 and everyone else very few - the last win by a manufacturer other than Holden or Ford was 1998!

The most famous, and revered, driver is Peter Brock. He won 9 times (all in Holdens) and since his death in 2006 the winners trophy has been in his name.

Despite the high speeds and the huge crashes regularly seen at the race, only 3 drivers have died whilst competing in the race. One was New Zealander Denny Hulme, the 1967 F1 world champion who suffered a heart attack while driving in the 1992 race. Despite it happening on Conrod Straight, he managed to bring the car to a controlled stop but was pronounced dead later at the hospital after a 2nd heart attack.

The race is so popular that Kangeroos like to get involved as well. Here's a few incidents:

Perhaps the most controversial rule for the race is that spectators are restricted to taking a case (24 cans) of beer into the circuit (each and per day!). How the organisers expect people to survive on such meagre rations is a mystery!

Bathurst in The Majors

Previous race winners are:

2018 (Pacific) - Christian Challiner

2018 (Europe) - Teemu Toikka

2018 (Atlantic) - Mathew Thunhorst

2018 (International) - Josh Noack

2017 (Pacific) - Blake Reynolds

2016 (Pacific) - Blake Reynolds

2014 (Pacific) - Matthew Rogers

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