More than The Minors

This year the Majors support series has grown in size & stature from something a very small number of people did occasionally to a fairly serious series in it's own right - particularly after the mid season change to the format. Let's consider some numbers we achieved this year (with 1 round to go!):

- 40 races in 13 rounds so far (43/14 by the end of the year). Why not 13 x 3? We had to split the Americas region for Indy :-)

- 176 Competitors who were classified finishers in at least 1 race

- 40 Different Race/Class winners

There won't be very many leagues on iRacing that can claim numbers like that - and we're "just" the support series.

One of the really great things about the support series is that it mixes up the regions so we race people we normally don't in the main events and so can expand our circle of friends. A great example of this was Adam Facciponti and I had an awesome battle at Spa and we've done a lot of friendly chatting since then even though we're on different teams, different regions and live 10,000 miles away from each other. The previews/history of races articles we've done for the last few rounds are a direct result of that - it was an idea Adam had a while back but he never really knew how to suggest it until he mentioned it in a chat we were having about something completely different.

For next year, the series will be the same with some minor tweaking: - CPI can no longer be gained

- The winner of each round will be given a locked-in place in the main event's Pro split (if they win the region they race in and if they are eligible for the Pro split of course)

- The points system will change slightly. This season I'm very likely to win the championship purely because I've done the most racing and I've been consistent. So, we'll bump up the points for the 1st 5 to reward the really fast guys a bit more - so a small version of the main event scoring rather than the very simple 20-19-18 etc system we have now. We will retain the bonus points though.

To answer some of the frequent questions about the series:

We do (and will continue to) use fixed sets because we want people to be able to just turn up and race - one of the big objectives of the series is to help people develop racecraft, especially in the more difficult events and the multi-class races. You can race multiple times during the weekend and your best score of the weekend counts.

Will I be penalised in the main event for an incident in a support race? No, support race penalties only apply to the support series. Of course, you can hurt your reputation :-(

If you've got any questions about the series, just post them in the Support Series channel.

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