Europe, King of the All Stars

Andrew Waring from Americas (UDOX) and Matt Danson from International won the Roval and Oval races respectively, but Team Europe lead by Dallas Pataska and a swarm of Grizzly Motorsports drivers dominated the Top 10 in each race, but most importantly Europe kept their guys out of trouble and cruised to the overall victory. 🏆 TEAM EUROPE CHAMPIONS CERTIFICATE 🏆

Final Standings Europe | 539 pts Americas | 494 International | 459

Despite being a man down, the International Team was right in the thick of the battle. They had four drivers in the Top 10 at the Roval (Danson, Scurlock, Dance and Stadler) , were in 2nd place and within striking distance of Europe. A little bad luck saw them with only two drivers in the Top 10 at the oval (Danson 1st, and Stevens 10th) and they ultimately faded to 3rd. Americas were led by some dark horse and maybe up and coming drivers in Andrew Waring and Johnny Nichols, will be interesting to see if this is a spring board for them the rest the season. If you missed the races you can watch the GSRC Broadcast below.

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