Introducing... Majors Garage

The Toolkit setups are back, but with a completely new look and structure, but before we get into that too much, let's rewind just a touch. (this a long-ish read, but I think the payoff is oh so worth it)

One of the things I am most proud of with the Majors is how we; welcome and encourage drivers of all skill levels. Now, because of the diversity of our racing, we have long felt it was important to make sure that all members had a decent start to each round. That is why we came up with the Toolkit idea. Now the toolkit program has sometimes been great and at other times it has been non-existent. As of late, it has been mostly the latter.

In 2019 we came up with the "Factory Team" concept and required that all Factory teams supply at least one Toolkit setup during the year. To say this was unpopular would be a great understatement and looking back it was wrong to force teams to provide something for their competition.

While we struggled to get starter setups to our members, I began reaching out to companies like; VRS, Pure Driving School and Craigs's Setup Shop in the hopes of forming a partnership of sorts. To me it was a no brainer for both parties and I felt like we complimented each other perfectly.

They. did. not. agree.

Undeterred we hatched a plan that would provide those Toolkit setups to our season pass holders and provide some incentive for the guys building the sets to keep on doing it. I started to reach out to many of the best setup builders in our series and shared with them the vision. They were in, and the Majors Garage was born.

Ok, ok, I've made you wait long enough, what exactly is the Majors Garage???

Most simply, the Garage is a setup shop. Our setup builders (we call them crew chiefs, you may have even noticed the new Discord role) will each be providing Baseline+ Sets (that is new name for Toolkit sets) multiple times throughout the season. These setups aim to be a more comfortable, more stable version of the iRacing default setup. They should be marginally quicker than the default sets, but raw pace is not the first goal. These setups are provided to Majors Season Pass holders for FREE and are made available to the iRacing membership at large for $3 ea.

You may see where I am going with this.

Additionally, each of the crew chiefs may, as they wish provide higher end setups for; Majors Races, Special events and even regular old official series.

Who are these masked men? These Heroes without capes? Well, I am so incredibly excited to introduce you to our Crew Chiefs;

Brian Bennett

Cam Dance Christian Challiner Dallas Pataska Erich Smith Joshua Wolf

Liam Quinn

Travis Warling

Wayne Hutchison

The goals of the Garage are as follows; 1. provide excellent starting setups to our season pass holders for each Majors race throughout the year. 2. Give back to the crew chiefs who give up their time and expertise with some financial incentive and 3. Draw new members to the Majors series through the setup shop.

Now, as a way to introduce everyone to this new service we are offering the Baseline+ setups for; Indy, Charlotte (iRacing NIS) and Le Mans for free to anyone. After Le Mans the price tags will change and each of our season pass holders will receive a coupon code that will enable them to download the Baseline+ sets for free.

How do you find the setup shop? Geez, I thought you would never ask....

You will also find a handy Garage link at the top of the Majors website as well. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and hey, whadya know! Maybe it is!

We hope you enjoy the Majors Garage, if you have any questions you can shoot us note in the #Garage channel on Discord. Now, go check out Liam's stellar work on the Indy 500 sets.

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