Hail to the Chief

Please welcome Andreas Robertsson to the role of "Chief Steward" for the Majors Series. Andreas has been on the competition committee for two years and always brings a thoughtful, level headed approach to everything we encounter.

Andreas is taking over for Wayne Hutchison who has served in this role since 2017. Wayne has done an incredible job all this time in one of the most thankless jobs any series can have. The amount of hours he has spent; processing protests, communicating with drivers, updating penalties and licences has been tremendous and I am so appreciative. Don't worry though, Wayne isn't going anywhere, he will continue to be in charge of the Live Qualifying during race week and will still be instrumental in helping to develop the rule book each year.

On the topic of officiating, we do occasionally field concerns about "bias" in our rulings. While I can't claim we are perfect, and for sure I will never expect everyone to agree with all our rulings, I can outline our process for handling protests.

1. When a protest comes in, we take a look at the drivers involved. If any of the involved drivers are on the same team as a committee member, then that committee member is not allowed to rule on the incident.

2. Almost all protests are evaluated by at least three people and the vast majority of them come to the same conclusion. 3. When there is a dispute as to the proper outcome; either the Chief Steward or I will make the final call (again depending on involved drivers). 4. We allow appeals to be filed for any of our rulings, and while rare, we have modified or overturned some decisions as a result of the appeal process. 5. We encourage our larger or more established teams to provide a representative on the committee, but we limit each team to just one representative.


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