It is always our goal to create as authentic a racing experience as possible. Sometimes we do what the real world does now, sometime we do what they did in the past and in the case of Le Mans, we are going to do what they will be doing this year for the first time.


The 24h of Le Mans will debut this new qualifying procedure in September when the postponed event hits the track, we, on the other hand get to try it out first. Here's how it will work;

The top 6 cars in each class (Pro and Sport) after Q1 will be locked into the top 6 grid positions for the race. For the Pro drivers those Top 6 will have a 30 minute Hyperpole shootout immediately prior to the race to determine the order of the top 6. Hyperpole will be an open session with dynamic weather, we will stagger release the cars in each class to keep separation on the track, but the track will have many cars on it at once.

Because of the iRacing Week 13 Build, Q1 will be ending when the service goes down for build release. We expect that the final Q session of Q1 will be on Tuesday at (8pm Sydney, 11am London, 6am New York & 3am Los Angeles).

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