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We find ourselves in the twilight of our 7th year as the 2020 season has just two rounds to go; Bathurst and Autoclub. How do things stand? You know... with points and schtuff.

While Christian did indeed wrap up his championship early, he is not the only one to "stink up the show" this year. Sportsman division titles in both Americas and Europe have been decided and decisively with Mark Stevenson and Sam T Harper winning them respectively.

Mark with eight wins has been the class of the field and has maintained a commanding lead for much of the year, this first year driver has not only excelled on the driving side, but has also built a championship caliber team and in fact Forge Gold is on the verge of clinching the Premier team title as well.

Sam has been embroiled in a great battled all year with Joseph Homan and early in the year Daniel Jackson, but steady AND outstanding performances have given him the luxury and two very robust drop weeks sitting in his pocket. That safety net assures that he can not be caught. Like Mark, Sam has got a solid "new to the Majors" team thing going on with Missed Apex Racing.

These two champs (and many others) will get to face off in the Sportsman Playoffs come December and that should be very interesting. No matter what happens now, these guys can enjoy their championships and the promotion to pro that comes with it.

Sam taking another win at The Glen!

In the "done but not dusted" category, Bryan Barns and Micael Hagstrom are each one classified race away from clinching the Legends Championship in Americas and Europe respectively. This would be Micael's first championship but would be Bryan's 4th Legends title in 6 years, but his first since 2017.

In the "hold your horses" category, we still have many titles that are still up for grabs in the waning moments of the season.

International Pro : Will Lesslie has inched out a sizable lead, but the defending champ has been fighting from behind all year and there is no counting out Cameron Dance.

International Sportsman : Steven Williams & Gavin Barber can not shake each other and are separated by just 48 points. Gavin has no room for error though as he has used up his two drops, but if he were to sweep the last two races that would get it done.

International Legends : Another two man dogfight (wait.. wut?) You heard me, a two man dogfight! Harald Stadler and Dan Stevens, Harald just grabbed his first Majors Series win solidifying the statement "Old guys Rule". John King will be passing the trophy to one of these guys, but which one?

In the "epic battle incoming" category the European Pro Division still has EIGHT drivers alive with a shot at winning the title. Joao Valverde, Ross Banfield, Riley Thompson, Kurt Krumm, Eric Micke, Joshua Wolf, Dawson Brock and Travis Henderson are all mathematically in the running, but realistically it will come down to;

Joao vs Ross vs Riley vs Kurt.

Riley has been surging, Joao has been solid with just one slip at Lucas Oil and Ross and Kurt have been steady. Each driver has one good and one bad drop, so the pressure will be on in both rounds. Joao controls his destiny but... will he?

Stay tuned.

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