Daytona Run down

Nobody said it was going to be easy...

Two hundred and twenty five drivers in seven splits took on the grueling 500 mile race in support of our friend John King. Yes there were cautions, even too many, but the racing was unmarred and quite often it was great.

Here are a few comments from the post race survey... "Had an absolute blast. Would love to see these at new Daytona again or even Talladega." "My favorite Majors race yet" "For me, running the 1987 cars, turn the majors Daytona 500 from yet another iracing Daytona 500 to something special. Something that had me more excited then I have been for a long time for a sim race. Hope like anything that it's run like this in 2021" "Wasnt looking forward to the cars at first but once I had some seat time they were a blast to drive. Took alot of skill to control them good unlike the newer cars."

While the cars were different and the racing was different the outcomes were not so much! In Pro our three regions all saw repeat winners from Round 1. Cam Dance, Tim Claessens and Christian Challiner all notched their 2nd wins in a row and are now 2 for 2 on the season.

2019 Champ, Cam went winless in 2020 and just came up short in the championship, he is altering the formula early this year. Tim Claessens is returning to the series in a big way notching his first 2 Majors wins and significantly bolstering the Grizzly TFR team's chances at a team title. Something they are trying to wrest from rival Bombshell. For Christian winning is nothing new. He now has multiple wins in all four season he has competed and has added to his record total with a historic 25th win. Of those 25, this one might be the most special as a Daytona 500 win has eluded him to this point and of course he was racing with good friend John King on his mind.

Actually, we were all #RacingforJohn. I hope we did him proud.

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