Season Passes

As we start getting prepared for the 2021 season and begin taking registrations, I have gotten a few questions about the Season Pass options and the pricing of each.

First, where exactly can you find the passes on the new site? HERE So what are the options?

If you plan to race in all or most of the Majors Series races, but neither the MTEC Series or Predator Challenge, then your best choice is the same Gold Pass from last year - $40. You may notice that there is no silver option and that is simply because we intend for every driver to be eligible to be on a broadcast.

If you plan to run all three series this coming year then you have two choices, you can pay for each series individually and save a bit of money. Majors is $40, MTEC is $15 and Predator is $20. Or if you would prefer a monthly subscription that includes all three series then you can choose the Platinum Pass for $7.99 per month.

There is one other option you should consider, and that is the VIP Subscription. The VIP includes all the race series and also includes unlimited setups at the Majors Garage. This plan is $14.99 per month.

You should consider this plan if any of the below apply to you. a. You generally get the Drivers set for each Majors race b. You have a setup subscription with the Garage already. c. You use another setup service and would like to eliminate that monthly cost entirely.

The Majors Garage has setups for 44 cars on iRacing and we always provide setups for Majors Races (this will include MTEC and Predator as well) .


If you are not sure which is the best choice or have questions about any of this, post a note in the Discord on the Facebook group or send me a direct email.

As always thanks for being a member!

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