To the victor...

Help us congratulate our 2020 Champions!

Mario Andretti Drivers Champions

International | Will Lesslie, Kinetic European | Joao Valverde, Kinetic

Americas | Christian Challiner, Kinetic

Sportsman Champions

International | Steven Williams, DPR European | Sam T Harper, Missed Apex

Americas | Mark Stevenson, Forge

Legends Champions

International | Harald Stadler, Texense FitzSty

European | Micael Hagstrom, Team Players Hagstrom

Americas | Bryan Barns, DogBear

Pro Team Champions

International | Kinetic Racing European | Bombshell Motorsports

Americas | Kinetic Racing

Sportsman Team Champions

International | MFRacing European | Hanson Brothers Racing

Americas | Forge Racing

Kinetic Sweep!

It is tough enough, like really, really tough to win one Drivers Championship and a driver usually needs all the support they can get from their team. So for a team to win the Mario in all three regions seems like an incredible longshot. Well somebody call my bookie...

Will Lesslie, Joao Valverde and Christian Challiner have all won the title flying the Kinetic banner. Combine that with team championships in Americas and International and Kinetic will be the team that everyone is gunning for next year.

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