We Want You!

In what is probably an obvious statement, the Majors Series takes a serious amount of time and effort to run. To say that I could not do this without the help of the competition committee and many others is 100% accurate. That said, I still tend to stretch myself and the team pretty thin, soo... WE WANT YOU!

Available Roles

Competition Committee

As always we are looking for good folks to help on the competition committee, in this role, you get a say in how the rules are written, how the schedule is built and you "get to" help rule on protests.

Live Admins

One of the most common requests we get is for "live admins". Now, my excuse has always been that we have too many splits to reasonably accommodate this, but

To Hell With It!

We are going to try to put an admin in every single split next year and in the MTEC and Predator Series as well. Live Admins will be in charge of keeping the peace, keeping voice chat civil, enforcing minimum speed rules and documenting incidents to make it easier to rule on them post race. Live Admins will receive a free annual pass for the Majors and will be paid (poorly).

Social Media Manager

This person will be in control of the Majors; Facebook Group, Twitter and Instagram Accounts. Posting announcements, links, images and video in timely, regular fashion. This person will receive an annual pass and garage subscription for their efforts.

Video Creator

This person will create; series promos, race promos, race highlights and more. This person will be paid per video and the rate can be negotiated.

Blog Writers

We are looking for several writers to cover each region and championship within that region. The writers will allow us to get to know our drivers and teams in a much more substantial way and yhese articles will be used by our broadcast partners to better tell the stories of the series. Writers will paid be per article written.


Many people have commented on my (lack of) skill in building a website, guilty as charged. As someone who likes a lot of control, this has been hard for me to give up, but it's necessary. This person (or people) will work closely with me to design and build a website that lives up to the series it represents. Position is paid and will be based on the scope of the work.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact me via email at mike@meaneighteen.com or you can DM me on Facebook or Discord. Can't wait to get started.

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