Team Information



7.1 Team Classifications:


Factory: Teams with iRacing black stripe (in 2019 or 2020) drivers and / or drivers with significant iRating. Factory teams by default compete for the Elite Team Championship.


Customer: They may not have any iRacing black stripe drivers, no drivers over 7,000 (combined road/oval) iRating, and no more than 2 drivers that compete for the Majors Pro Championship. Customer teams by default will compete for the Premier Team Championship, but can choose to compete for the Elite Team Championship instead.


Junior: Junior teams exist for two primary reasons. One, to provide backup drivers and resources should the main team need them. Two, to receive support and driver development from the main team. May have no more than ONE driver that competes in the Majors Pro Championship. Junior teams will compete for the Premier Team Championship and may not choose to compete for the Elite Team Championship.


See Sections 3.8 thru 3.10 for how drivers are defined as Pro/Sportsman in the Majors


7.2 Team Championships:


Elite Team Championship: all Factory Teams and any Customer Teams who elect to compete here.  


Premier Team Championship: Most Customer teams and all Junior teams compete here.


7.3 Creating and ManagingTeam: Teams may consist of up to any 5 drivers from the same Regional Series. Team owners will complete a “Team Registration” form. If a driver is “claimed” by more than one team then officials will contact that driver to determine which team to place them on.


7.3.1  Adding Team Members: Teams with less than 5 drivers may add drivers at anytime during the season, provided the driver has not competed for any other team during the 2020 season. In-season additions will not be retroactive (ie. points earned in rounds prior to team inclusion will not be added to the team total). Note that team restrictions still apply when adding additional drivers


7.3.2  Replacing Team Members: Teams may replace any member of the team following the same guidelines in 7.3.1 as long as the driver has not scored points in the driver’s championship. Before round 4, drafted drivers can be removed as long as they've only scored points in one round. Drivers removed from one team can join another team.
Note that this means that drivers cannot be removed from a team (apart from the two exceptions noted above) to free up a slot in a team. The only way to deal with an inactive driver without compromising the teams ability to score points is to swap the driver out to a Junior team.


7.3.3        Transfer Window: From the end of Round 3 until the Wednesday before Round 8 will be considered a “transfer window”. During this period, teams may remove 1 driver from any team, irrespective of the rules stated above. A specific Discord channel will be created to request these removals. Once completed, the change cannot be undone and the driver will be available for other teams to recruit. The normal team change request can be used to fill the vacancy created in the team.


7.3.4  Junior Teams: Teams are allowed to have one officially linked “Junior” team. All members of both teams must be competing in the same region. Junior team members may be promoted to the primary team at anytime during the season for any reason, with a corresponding relegation to the Junior team if necessary. There are no restrictions on the number of transfers that can be done during the season.


Note that although drivers demoted to the Junior team can score points for that team, we do not want this to be used as a tactic to boost the Junior teams scores. If the organizers believe this tactic is being used, we reserve the right to delete scores of Pro drivers from the junior teams.



7.3.5  The Draft: To be eligible to participate in the draft, team managers must have completed the new Team Profile for their team.


Owners may submit their selections in advance and do not need to be present during the draft. Owners may only select drivers who are in their region.


Teams will select based on reverse order of 2019 results (so the lowest scoring team in the region will select 1st). Newly formed teams will select after 2019 teams, based on team size first (smallest to biggest) with ties being broken by average iRating of the current team members (lowest iRating average will select first).


7.4 Team Scoring: Best 3 driver’s scores in each event count towards the Team points total


7.5  Multi Regional Teams: Teams that have drivers in different regions are welcome to share; resources, setups, paint schemes etc. but will be treated as independent entities from a Team Points perspective.(ie. points scored never cross regions)



7.6 Majors 24 Hour Team Event


The 2020 Majors 24 hour race will be held at The Nurburgring and will be held on 5th/6th December. The car choice is not finalised at this point but it will be a maximum of 4 classes, chosen to replicate the cars raced at the real life N24 as far as possible.


7.6.1  Class A (fastest car): The top 2 teams in each regions Elite Team Division championship  plus the next 9 highest points scoring Elite teams in all regions will be invited to compete in this class during the Majors 24. If a qualified team declines this invite it may (at organizers discretion) go to the next highest Elite team from all regions. There will be a maximum of 15 teams in this class.


7.6.2  Class B (2nd fastest car): This will be by invite similar to the above but for Premier teams.



7.6.3 Class C (and D if 4 classes): This is for non qualified teams or teams that decline invites to Class A or B.


7.6.4 Team Creation: Class A & B teams must consist solely of drivers from that primary and / or junior team who have competed for the team in at least 3 rounds (although not necessarily as “top 3” points scorers). These teams may not use “Multi Regional” team members. For Class C/D, teams may be formed from any Majors Series member, from any region. Non-Majors Teams: If a nearly full grid of registered entries (50 cars) is not achieved 2 weeks before the race, the organizers reserve the right to invite non-Majors teams to participate.